There's a spirit around me

I’m just throwing this out there, to get advice and hear experiences.

I have a strong feeling there’s a spirit around me, or a spiritual entity. Could be a spirit, ghost, demon, angel…something. Poltergeist activity keeps happening around me. At first, I thought it was a spirit in my bedroom (who strongly dislikes when I use the rosary). But poltergeist activity has been happening in other rooms of the house and even at work. None of this is harmful - just random things moving or falling (or in the case of work: a door swinging and slamming shut by itself that shouldn’t even move on its own). The frequency and obviousness of it is increasing. And while this happens, I feel a strong energy wanting my attention - but nothing malevolent at all. (Mother Hekate told me that Prince Vassago has developed a fondness for me, and the poltergeist activity was much lower when I made daily offerings to him. But I don’t see such activity fitting for such a demon like him.)

Something is trying to get my attention. I might go into a shamanic journey to see if I can get some information. I also know divination can help - but I really haven’t any experience in a method that can help me pinpoint the identity of a particular entity. And I don’t know even what type of entity. It could be a ghost that’s attached to me, a demon that wants my attention, an ancestor that wants my attention.


Trust your instints and open yourself to communicate with it, but be careful and prepared to defend yourself.


Probably a spirit of a deceased person who likes or dislikes what you’re doing. I would communicate with it, as “NoxLotus” suggested. And try to understand what he/she wants from you. If they’re just fooling around then I would banish.

You can use Ouija board, a pendulum, a spirit box or trance state… whatever method you feel more comfortable with. They all work well for spirit communication.


Thank you, @anon48532061 and @PrinceX for your suggestions! I’ll try to communicate and see what happens.