Theres a God Shaped Hole in All of Us

“Write of your experience, you will help many.”

Yahweh just told me this.

I had many Beings help me recently, ranging from Infernals to Yahweh to Archangels, to Gods of Egypt and Kali and Prophet Muhammad and others.

Yahweh had told me to play this song with him as an offering, and I did, as I did so, I realised all the Beings who have helped me gather together:

“You see? theres a God shaped hole in all of us.”

meaning they are all part of the same Essence, that is what I realised then.

I started crying of joy.


Interesting experience, and the song has a theme that came to my mind today. I’m curious, what has YHWH’s reaction (if any) been to you working with multiple deities alongside him?


Well as my post explained, they were working together no problem, but that was my experience, granted there are beings more powerful than Yahweh or Lucifer in my opinion


I see, from my interpretation of divination I’ve been doing today and yesterday it seems to me he would not have problems with someone who works with others than him and him at the same time, but his opinion on it may be quite different. I was wondering if you might have experienced something on that from him.