There is always a reason for magick (for newbies who doubt themselves)

Just putting this out there but for everyone who has doubt in their life maybe you don’t have friends, maybe your sick, maybe your life is just terrible but you do have a reason to do magick, IDGAF what the reasons are for your downfalls in life. Every great magican is a lifelong student of the Art, because he/she is constantly asking what is wrong with the/Their world do you see where im going with this?

your debt. (money spell)
your enemies. (Bind or curse)
your job. (Spirit for Promotion)
your money
your significant other ( or lack thereof)…(Beauty Spell, or Glamour)

if you have any downfall or shortcoming you have a reason to do magick.
Start a list
search the forum for what your looking for
if you can’t find it create a topic and ask

YOU CAN DO THIS!! Everyone has a reason for magick and the Powers beyond this world are waiting for a conversation with you



Yeah that’s why I evoked for relationships. Am astounded at how well Lucifer and Lilith answered. All my prayers to the RHP did nothing.


When i was at end of my rope light abandoned me but the darkness was there with friendship and help seem care way more than God and his angels ever did


What did you do exactly please? How?

@Haplo This thread has the exact same point (or close enough) to the PM I just sent you.

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You can look up the details on my journal if you want.

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link to your journal pls

Thanks for this-I needed reaffirming


Go to my profile and you’ll find it under my topics.

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