The world right now vs.Warrior style and cooperation towards success

Hi there dear all, first of all, I would like to address the following:
Obviously, the world is burning in many ways - and out of experience,
as anyone could probably say, not taking a stand in who or what you are versus
all of this, will either sink you or make you. The denial of the inner warrior is a grave and self-defeating thing in this world. Who you define yourself versus the world, especially vice, will define whether
you sink into a depression and victimhood and all the detriment that comes with that, or indeed, choose to identify yourself with your inner warrior, and act upon it, magickally, first and foremost.
The entire combat and power in gevurah (tree of life/and qlippothic tree being related to it) is between powerlessness and sovereignty - so are it’s ultimate parameters. Knowing that beforehand and being able to act upon that beforehand in your personal transformation, will help you to make a clear choice now.

The difference is that, you will stand your ground, or you will give it away, and we all know
how it may look like, when you look back at the history of the world…;

Brother/sisterhood, mutually empowering eachother, magickally, and morally,
is immensely crucial. Truth be told: you will never find peace if you are in a position were you fear any potential detriment, and know that you will be powerless when vice comes your way.

“If you want peace to be guaranteed, keep training your combat skills”

Know your enemy - and this will make you pass the threshold of understanding
that 1. sometimes you must destroy to survive those that want to destroy you.
and 2.that your enemy will stop and have stopped at nothing when it came to delivering vice.

Such is the case with many enslavers in this world.
For ages on end even up to the roman times, if not before, things like spirit cooking and thus human sacrifice instigating terror into the victim before killing it, drinking it’s blood, using it for rituals used against the rest of the greater population as been in, together with all that which this is connected to.
Those type of groups are still in power and are still actively enslaving the human race.

I can’t be political here but the current president knows about this and is actively, in the background trying to liberate humanity from this scourge, but it’s not enough and the end goal is that we become our own sovereign masters (which is what he wants too).

It’s up to us all to make our planet go the way we want it to go, for the best.
And we all have a choice to make here between being a slave or being our own sovereign masters, like we came here to be as gods and goddesses -awakening to the reality of who and what we are.
There is no inbetween line - sovereignty is sovereignty- and throughout everything else that exists in this cosmos and is on this planet- detriment will keep existing until we become the absolute masters of our own destiny. If your power as a living god/goddess is not fully under your control - that means
there is a space here of dependency that can very well get you enslaved, that can control your actions and choices from the outside. but that space can be filled in by guidance to sovereignty through magick, and cooperation with those that will support you to your sovereignty.

I’m going to be blund here…(don’t take it personally though - this below is the ‘blunt’ section - )

“Don’t f around…we are taking about Your life here, and it’s Infinitely precious, and it’s supremely important for you to thrive in your own godhood”. Even if you have all the money in the world, the fanciest villa, think you live in a peaceful area - whatever that is - as long as your godhood is not fully under your control, you will eventually be confronted with what you are not master of within yourself and you will have to make up for it anyway (preferably through magick rather than through detriment), in order to have your sovereignty into your hands again. So, don’t waste anytime. Magick is not a side gimmick, it’s about the nature of existence, the fabric of existence itself, it’s about you, it’s about life itself. The vice in this world and how you deal with it is prepping you for dealing with the greater cosmos and not falling into it’s traps. It may surprise some but, there are certain extraterrestrial beings here on this planet that would love to their your body to pieces, eat your flesh and anything ranging to supreme degrees of vice inbetween, have been doing so with humanity and are still doing so, and are prepping to enslave and kill even more, I kid you not, and that’s not even all. Only magick will make you ultimately stand up against any treat, because magick is what you are. So be very glad that if it’s the case that you are living in a still peaceful zone, for now… Because there will always be times were you will wish that you knew how to defend yourself, those you love and the planet as a whole even.
Consider all the lives you may have lived wishing that exact same thing in the face of detriment.

I live in Europe, I know about some history of the middle ages, it was a vicious as vicious can be, and it’s been the same during a great part of each era, just in different forms. I remember change being brought through warriors, or those that did have that archetype active, in the face of detriment.

The spirits you work with now, the alliances will be with you forever, make good use for it.
This Earth is your training ground for god(hood), in the 360 degrees of it.
Make good use of every living moment you got, so that you may have peace and be ready for anything. That is also, how freedom is achieved, and indeed a grounded sense of peace.

The more you can skills and gnosis, To be able to empower and defend your brethren and sisters in need.