The world! Journal 1: Unknown spirit

I think my other post lacks cohesion it just seems like I’m randomly rambling. I want to write about my experiences maybe get some advice from the more experienced members and learn.

I can tell she cares about me but she hasn’t been forth coming with what she is doing but has this wait and see attitude about it. Outside of being possessed she nor any of the other spirits are not harming me. She’s not stopping from working with other spirit’s but she does make it hard to conontrate and know if I was successful. She treats things like a game and it can get kind of weird one minute we can have a conversation then the next she derails it and talks about some pretty weird shit. I guess I expected everything to be serious in the occult, especially after reading some of the experiences on here.

Me: “Who are you?”

Her: “you’ll find out”

Me: “How long have you been possessing me?”

Her: “I don’t know you will find out”

Me: “who are the other spirits?”

Her: “You will find out don’t worry about it.”

I give her a look

Her: “I understand your frustrated you want answers. I’m not giving them to you when you want them. You can fight me again if you want, but I’m still going to be in your life doing what can to help you. This possession is not permanent I don’t plan on spending my days in a twenty four year old man.”

I don’t know if she has any expectations of what she wants me to learn or if she wants me to learn anything specific about myself. Everything seems to be coming in bits and peace’s kind of like a puzzle. I can hear and feel her as well as the others, lol there isn’t really a day when they aren’t touching my body or talking to me. She appeared to me in three separate, in one we were on my bed she had long black fingers and a black silhouetted in the second she was a giant spider. In the last one she looked like fuu from Naruto. The last one was funny because I asked her to look like fuu.

Anyway that’s all for now.