Yes that wild pagan bit of folklore, the wild hunt headed by Odin and sometimes by other goddesses as well

So guys I wanted to get your opinions on this. I mean I’ve done my research I know what it is and what gods head the wild hunt.

It’s just something that intrigues me I guess. I’m always coming back to my connection with the northern traditions and I love reading up on loves and myths.

What are your opinions on the wild hunt? Do we have anyone in the house willing to share their perspective on this?

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In Cornish and West country tradition it was the Devil who lead the Wild Hunt.

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Funny i did a ritual at the beginning of this week involving just this. I’m not well versed in the norse/european magickal current so i did not really plan to, but that night i went into a complete frenzy with the need to call upon it, possessed perhaps,if that’s even possible to call something like this.

Who was there Odin? Satan? Others? Didn’t know, didn’t care, i remember cutting myself a lot during it, broke the blade i was using against my chest then smashed the rest of it against a tree and i think i also beat myself with my belt and rocks but hard to remember (good thing no one saw me i must have looked like a total maniac also might have tried to kill them if i saw them.) and would explain all the physical pain i’ve been in. And it was storming when i was doing all that but i could all most believe the rain stopped but only in the ritual area.

I was not going to post anything about this as i have no idea why i did the ritual (if it can even be called a ritual) in the first place or what the end result is supposed to be, or was it just a case of temporary insanity?

But seeing this and some other little signs i just thought i’d go ahead and share it here.


Kind of like the wild dances of the maenads. You know dionysius’ special women.

No you weren’t crazy, you just had to let go of all that wild energy in you.

Reminds me of berchte and Hulda, they head the wild hunt sometimes