The White Lady

Has anyone ever heard of or had experience with an entity called The White Lady? Back in my RHP days I read about her and she’s supposedly an entity you would send at someone to destroy themselves via their own addictions. The trick is though, if you have any of your own, it will do the same to you. I haven’t been able to link her with any other entity that she may be a facet of. Thoughts?


Where I come from that’s what we called cocaine back in the day. How appropriate.

Then we are all screwed. Every single person has some kind of addictive behavior, whether it is drugs, sex, or gambling, or exercise, dieting, sex, etc. Everybody has something, even if it is seemingly benign or even healthy. Healthy addictions are still addictions, so I would tread carefully with that one if this entity turns them on you as well. For example, if you were addicted to exercise, maybe she hits you with a gym career ending injury, or just zaps your motivation.

On the other hand, maybe that door swings both ways. Maybe if you were to call on her to heal someone else’s addictions then she might be inclined to help you with a struggle of your own to become stronger. Angelic types work that way, sometimes.


I agree everyone has their own addiction be it seemingly healthy or acceptable or not. I’m not planning on summoning her, just looking into her a bit more. I can definitely see where she may be inclined to heal depending on the circumstance. I’m really curious to know who she is .

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Yeah, you have piqued my interest as well. I can say I have heard of this one mentioned before, but for the life of me I can’t remember where. Maybe here or some lost corner of the web.

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Reminds me of Santa Muerte. One of her names is Senora Blanca, meaning White Lady, and she is sometimes called upon by drug dealers to protect them.

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