The Weirdest Healing Method I've Ever Read About

The other day the user @Arabian shared this post. It’s a declassified CIA document about energy work techniques. But one technique has just left me very confused after reading it. It says to reduce pain from a body part, close your eyes and think about that part. Then, repeat the number 55515 in your mind. After doing this some times, apparently the pain will lessen. How in the world is this meant to work? I understand sending energy to a body part to heal it, but thinking a specific number sequence to lessen the pain? If anyone has got an idea on how this works, reply below.


Its a self hypnosis technique at heart. Assign some significance or belief to the effect of a word or action and its influence over the body and well placebo effect there. In addition it engages the logical mind rather than the animal mind that is responsible for pain sensations thus switching perspective and distracting from the pain. Similar principle to why yelling Fuck! will help you feel better after stubbing your toe.


Wonderful response as always from you Eldred. You haven’t been on the forum long, yet your knowledge has proven useful.

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I think it also has a similar concept as to how doing simple math in your head can often stop you from crying.

What is weird about it? 5 is the number of mars (moving energy), 3 times five involves both 3 (Saturn destroy/bind the pain) and 6 (15=1+5=6) equaling the sun and thus healthy energy. 1 represents kether and in this context (bringing the body part back to its natural state (note that 1=10 malkuth is the reflection of kether). The last five represents movement again in the sense of healthy movement (1 followed by 5).

working with the sephiroth in analyzing things can be quite beneficial.

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