The Weave

So, about a week ago, I sitting at home with a buddy. He was playing video games, specifically Burnout Paradise and I was sitting on the bed watching, toying with ideas in my head. On an impulse, I transferred my stress ‘energy’ into his ‘efforts’ to beat the level he was stuck on. His efforts instantly seemed pointlessly hopeless as he became more frustrated, and continually crashed, failing his attempt miserably. I sat up, and while I continued to tamper with the seemingly positive and negative energy in his efforts, I explained what I was doing to his game. Naturally, being the narcissist that he is, he redoubled his efforts to succeed to spite me. But every time I transferred my stress into his efforts, he failed. Then, I changed tact. I decided to transfer negative energy out of his efforts, leaving only the positive energy. I thought that he may succeed instead of fail. I told him this and he told me he didn’t need my help. When I transferred the negative energy out of the game, I transferred it into myself. My chest went tight, and I felt the start of an anxiety attack begin to form. But his attempts turned flawless, not crashing once, and scoring well above the required goal. By 3 times. Then to be an a**hole, I transferred all the negative energy back into the game on his attempt on the next level, effectively dispersing the negative energy out of my body into something that wouldn’t cause me trouble. This is how I discovered what I call. “The Weave”. Now, to be clear, I am new, but when I told someone I trust about my theory, he told me “I feel like you stumbled upon something ancient, like, before the dawn of time ancient. We need to talk about this.”

Essentially my theory is this.

There is a web of positive and negative energy that is created and is woven into our very reality. Rule 1. Energy is neither destroyed nor created, only transformed into other forms, OR transferred between one place, person or object and another.
Rule 2. Everything you do, whether it transfers positive or negative energy, will have a reaction that will also transfer a positive or negative energy.

Lets say you’re in a bad mood, and you decide that you have the right of way as a pedestrian. You walk in front of a car while the driver is waiting to turn onto a busy street. Due to your being in the way, they miss an opportunity to turn, and have to wait another few minutes. This causes them to hit 2 more red lights on the way to work, and thus makes them late. They get yelled at by their supervisor, and that puts them in a bad mood. Meanwhile, you have arrived at your destination, and are feeling a bit better, having expressed your anger. Essentially, your negative energy transferred to those you affected via your actions.

The Weave can be manually altered by those with the skills. Specifically the skill to move energy around mentally. But from what I have observed, there are a few limitations. When you want to make something happen. The higher the chance it will happen naturally, the less energy you will need to manually transfer into the event to make it happen. The lower the chance that something will happen, the higher the amount of energy you will need to transfer to make the desired result happen.

Goal: To make yourself win at a game.
If there is a 50/50 chance you’ll win, then the weave has already accounted for that possibility to a reasonable degree, so you have help from the energy that is already there, provided by the weave. Thus it would only take a small amount of energy to make what you want happen.
Goal: Make your TV turn off by itself.
Assuming that the only two ways the tv will turn off, is if you turn it off manually, or that it will malfunction and turn itself off. Then the negative energy is stacked against you, 99/1. This means that there is an enormous amount of energy that is stacked against you in your attempt at making the TV glitch into turning off. You would need to put significantly more energy into the effort than there is against you. Making this nearly impossible.

I tried this by making my buddies game fail and succeed,as well as another instance where I attempted to make a traffic light change by transferring energy into the act of it changing. Since the circuits were set up to provide a warning before the change, the only way it would change is if I made it glitch. So I tried transferring positive energy into the act of it changing. I sunk as much energy in as I could and all I could make happen was a flicker in the numbers on the walk sign.

What do you guys think?


Okay going from experience, I disagree with this idea and it appears to have led to some very dangerous concepts being held by people in power who think they need to create misery in others, in order to feed on the polar opposite of nectar for themselves.

There were even adverts (for yoghurt iirc) a while ago on TV that tried to promote this idea.

In fact All is Mind, you are part of the co-creative process, and you don’t need to create misery to have happiness, nor are people who are angry, mean, and petty usually that happy or successful.

The best way out of depression for most people is to do something selflessly for someone else, relieving their own pain in the process of ceasing to think about their own woes. This is best done for people or causes you truly love.

People think it’s the principle of Polarity that governs one’s own luck and joy, but actually, it’s the principle of Vibration. “To those who have, more will be given” etc. :thinking:

This generally fits with my experience, yes.

Things try to take the most probable route.

Good topic. :+1:

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I’m not sure I understand your first reference @Lady_Eva. But I forgot to mention that those were hypothetical scenarios that were based on people who weren’t knowledgable of these types of things. Another thought. The energy may not travel the way it did in the example, but through a totally different way, maybe it takes the path of least resistance, I don’t know, I’m still figuring stuff out. As one example, if instead of walking in front of the car, you let them pass before continuing, the energy may transfer differently. Say, they pick up on your mood and wave you past, being kind to you. This may distract you a bit and make you feel better. That negative energy may transfer to the drink in your hand, or the person in the car, or even the mouse in the grass 10 feet to your left. Or as another idea, you wait and they turn, allowing you to continue once they’ve gone. I don’t think that things are predetermined by this energy, the energy is similar to gears in that they are the method and not the cause. Thus they appear to move randomly until you look at the bigger picture and learn how the entirety fits together and see how they all add up to the overall plan. Like I said, this is just a theory, and its an idea that I’m toying with in my head. Thing of it like a horizontal gridmap. As intersections raise up, this represents positive energy transfers from other points on the gridmap. The same goes for the points that go below neutral. Just with negative energy.

Basically this accounts for murphy’s law, KARMA, and the law “every action, will have a equal and opposite reaction.”

The thing that changes the mechanial “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” is that energy can be transmuted, so “negative” energy (eg rage, despair, etc) can be transmuted by an act of will into something positive.

Even trad. teachings about karma also show one can transmute negative karmic energy through acts of will and also through the grace of higher forces.

There are people who believe they receive energy from the suffering of others, but it’s not really relevant to the principle because they’re deluded.

Both positive and negative emotions transfer through social networks pretty effectively too.

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Holy shit I heard about that but had never read the original paper. Wow.

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689,000 Facebook users in 2012 had their emotions manipulated without giving any kind of consent.

Makes you wonder what experiments have been conducted on the Internet population that they didn’t tell us about. :thinking:

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I posted some stuff with links to verify the claims over here: Things our society has lost or forgotten: could true magick be one?

Glad I’m not on facebook