The ways in which King Paimon has helped me (a tribute)

One day, I was cyberbullied so bad I had one day of suicidal depression because of it, actually grabbed a knife and stood awake for a bit holding it then put it back in kitchen

King Paimon called me to summon him the next day, the energy pull was strong, he came to help me, he saw i was in pain, and had anger, he used my anger to make me cut energy chord and ties from the people who hurt me.

He was the first Infernal I remember who suggested i go back to working with my previous currents, because i think he felt a bit concerned that the Infernal works were not really my area.

He is the one who, along with Lucifer and Archangel Michael, helped me get a Djinn off me (he is not of the Djinn, but he commands them, from what I read on here)

He, along with other Beings, helped fight off parasites that were trying to hurt me during the night.

He has pushed me to have more faith in my magickal works and has reminded me to be strong :slight_smile:

This is my tribute to you King Paimon, as an offering of apology, I told you it was a surprise so I did not say anything, I know you will like this! :smiley:

Also, he gave me lentils to eat (etherically) while I was hungry and weak today in public, he has helped me with mind issues with bad hypnotic suggestions as well


Demons can be worked in a non “demonic” way, it’s just that from Christianity to the LHP, people think that working with demons has to do with aesthetics and attitude.

I always give a copy of my food to my incubi and succubi, it is good that he gave you something healthy :+1:

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i eat vegan now, he gave me what my diet needed lol

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He probably would have given me a double hamburguer.
May I make a little suggestion? If you have enough space, make a Tiphareth altar, and dedicate that altar to all those who have helped you, thus you will be working with Paimon and other entities from a more positive point of view. Thagirion works too, but it offers things that are too much pressure if you want a tranquil life

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thank you, I will see, you see i have this problem where i am overanxious and worrisome and it causes me issues in magick sometimes, OCD and all, that has nothing to do with the Beings, but it does make me overthink that i might have offended someone, only to ask and find out all is fine, and sometimes i go overboard and hurt a being sometimes

I used to worry a lot about offending entities, until I stopped caring. I always tell the truth to them, and sometimes they have been assholes, thus I apply the rule that it is not offensive if it is true

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i do that too, always been honest, I guess i prefer to have them on my side than angry at me, not out of fear, just out of respect, but i guess even with spirits you may make mistakes (im speaking about me, i feel like i made a small mistake with king paimon which is why he was a bit hurt, then i did this then one thing led to another and he told me to not come back to the infernals i think)

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And they can make mistakes with you :man_shrugging:

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i just assume they know better generally so they may act wiser, im very humble with everyone, and king paimon is very wise

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Yes, thus you should assume that he would not be offended by small human mistakes. For them we are like babies, thus we deserve some room for not knowing how to talk

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i will pm you something

Remember that I’m not a mental health medic

i know dont worry lol

Because people pm me like if I was a psychiatrist, a lawyer or whatever thing Homer Simpson has worked as

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all strictly magick related, thought we could share some experiences