The Warrior's Meditation by Richard L Haight

I read about 1/3 of this book before thinking about doing a journal. and for the last 2 weeks I have been doing other things -like learning how to summon the Kendall devil :man_facepalming:t3::smirk:. I’ll put down the exercises and results, but if you want all the info you will have to get the book yourself. I ordered another book from this author soon to arrive.

Summary: The samurai may only have a minute before the battle begins. They may only have a few seconds before the next attack. How did the samurai pack the benefits of a full meditation into such a short time? master of 4 samurai arts and his Sensei set out to rediscover the lost art of samurai meditation. after much research and testing they now bring you this book…:yawning_face:

exercise #1.

point of exercise: is to make sure that you know what alpha state feels like.

directions: set in a comfortable chair, set a timer for 15 min. close your eyes and concentrate on breathing. If any stray thoughts come into your head, let them go and go back to concentrating on breathing

results: wow haven’t had that particular sensation in a long time - as if my mind is expanded and relaxed at the same time

exercise #2.

point of exercise: to show that there is more than one way to get in alpha state

directions: [valsalva exercise (people with h.b.p.,heart problems, or other serious conditions should consult with their Dr. before doing this exercise)] set in a chair without a back, breath in deeply and stretch out your lungs as comfortably as you can. Casually breath out however makes you comfortable. From your experience in exercise #1., you should be able to recognize when you enter alpha state. If you are relaxed you will be in alpha state in 2 or 3 breaths. If you are stressed it can take 6 or 7 breaths to enter alpha state. . If you don’t notice any change after 6-7 breathes, you have a blockage that is probably causing you serious health problems. You need to spend some time to address the issue ( doesn’t say how… and it says some people can’t achieve alpha state by this method

results: hmmm I always feel relaxed after deep breaths. Who doesn’t? If I do it 6 times I probably wont want to breath for a few seconds. relaxing slowing my heart down, but I dont think it feels like alpha🤷🏼‍♂️


exercise #3

point of exercise: to show how much energy our normal method of viewing the world uses

directions: set a 5min timer. set in a chair and focus your attention on a spot on the wall. block everything else out of your view

results: haha too tired when i tried this. trying to block out everything else my eyes wanted to close and shut down for the night😴


point of exercise: to show how little energy you use if you don’t block your vision

directions: set a 5 min timer. set in a chair. focus your attention at a particular spot. without moving your eyes, look at everything in your peripherial vision

results: focusing on an object and looking at everything in your periphery requires 1/10 the energy necessary to focus on an object and block out everything else🤔

oopsie missed an exercise. this needs to be 2.5 to keep in order

exercise 2.5

point of exercise: to show that alpha state has different qualities

directions: set a 5 min timer. watch tv (alpha state usually take 1 min watching tv) at the end of the time notice how you feel and compare it to the way you feel after the vagas exercise

results: vagas exercise doesnt stimulate the visual cortex like watching tv. I guess feel more relaxed with vagas than tv

for the past 2 weeks have been practicing “seeing everything”, when I think about it. It does seem to be a little more relaxed, but it isn’t something that I have done before.

exercise #5

I did not need this exercise because I have been doing this since around 4th grade :cowboy_hat_face:. I think this is what some people call become one with nature. Out in a wild land you will eventually become in tune enough with nature to hear those noisy animals called humans walking 1/2 mile away.

point of exercise: to show that you can enter a meditative state through sound.

directions: set a 5 min timer. sit with eyes closed and listen. Don’t try to identify a sound. Don’t try to identify its source. Don’t make an opinion about the sound being pleasant or not. Just be aware that a sound has happened.
repeat: do the same with eyes open.

results: since I have already done this many times for a half hour or an hour at a time I can say that it is a full meditation session by itself. Deeply relaxing and refreshing. As a matter of fact I’ve been waiting for this covid lockdown to lighten up so I can do this up in the mountains - hopefully get a little hiking distance to be away from the human animals when I do it.

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See everything - doing this when I think about it, but it’s not yet a habit.

Hear everything - very much aware that I don’t hear everything. Driving the truck for too long. need to use earplugs to help restore my hearing

Sense of smell : this sense is the one that is most connected to memory, emotion, and the subconscious mind.

exercise #6

point of exercise: to become conscious of your sense of smell

directions: set a 15 min timer. with eyes clothes pay attention to the flow of air in and out of your nose. notice it being cool or warm, moist or dry. Notice any smells that come into your nose, but don’t try to identify them. When you have reached alpha state open your eyes and continue monitoring the air in your nose until the 15 min completed.

results: seems I reached alpha around 5-6 min, but I was also interupted by a neighbor starting up their gas powered garden tools.

I can see where this is going - see everything, hear everything, smell everything … and if you do it right maintain alpha state🧐. gonna needs some practice to do all 3 at the same time

exercise #7

point of exercise: to show that conscious tasting is another path to alpha state

directions: set 15 min timer. sit with eyes closed and be consciously aware of feeling i your mouth and any flavors on your tongue.

results: I didn’t notice a complete change to alpha, but I did notice that focusing on my senses got me more out of the state of analyzing to a state of being

exercise #8

not sure what is the point of this exercise. Conscious Feeling.

directions: divide your body into sections. close your eyes and concentrate on each section and feel it; all the way from skin to bone; feel all of it.

results: feels simular to Lady Eva’s rnergy from the sun exercise.

exercise #9 they are starting to get harder. been on this one for almost a week. getting home to late from work. maybe on the weekend

directions: feel a light aery feeling fill yor chest. Push the energy to every part of your body. ( If there is somewhere that it doesn’t want to go, you may have a blockage, but dont concentrate on it at this time) After your body has been filled with air push the aery feeling out in a sphere around you. Dont let the ground or the walls around you be a barrier to the sphere.

I dont have the book in front of me to finish the details of this exercise