The Vigilant Christian Burning New Age Books

Here is the Vigilant Christian Mario Brisson Burning New Age Books:

Keeping people in ignorance, I see…

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He’ll get his comeuppance.

lol, Silly Christian.

As long as he’s wasting his own money to do that it doesn’t bother me.

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Good choices of books to destroy lol.

If it’s the guy who does the VC website, I’m kind of disappointed, I enjoy reading that once in a while for laughs and figured he wouldn’t stoop so low.

With the cliché about “Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings” being so well-known, IMO when you burn a book you’re kind of tacitly saying you’re good with that progression.

Good reminder to burn my bible that i have gotten from free when i was 15 or something. That would make a funny pagan ritual… Burning the bible. A nice ritual perhaps - in honor of the Asa-gods etc.

No, Lady Eva. It’s not the same person. The Vigilant Citizen and The Vigilant Christian Mario Brisson are two separate entities.

As a matter of fact, Mario made a video against The Vigilant Citizen:

Oh cool, thanks - I can go back to chuckling at VC, the first one, without thinking he wants to place marshmallows at my ungodly feet! :wink:

They’re all crazy, but differing levels of lulz.

Btw, did you see this guy?

Ripped a man’s heart out and ate it to prove he’s not gay - because that would be weird