The Vampire

Question, I did this today and fed on someones aura and it did a dual effect 1. It made me become euphoric which was expected . 2 it gave me a headache feeding on the aura of other through my heart chakra it was an unexpected side effect.


I put this question also to @Madrigoro.
Hi, is it possible to get a guide for myself please.
I seems I was a victim of a vampire and I want to learn this as to never become a victim again…
Hi did say (I thought jokingly) he was a “vampire” and he intrested alot into ‘vampiric’ stuff… but not until he nearly drained all my energy and left me nearly for insane and dead, either he was definately one, or he was a occultist who was lacking emotion, and a controlling, narcissist, and used his powers to selfishly manipulate . Either way, learning this may help me repel both lol

Can I be a psi vampire without actually becoming a vampire? Like if I were just to learn how to take the energy from peoples chakras!

Also i would be very careful and only take energy from people that I can take it from and not take it from old and weak people unless I felt like I was not safe

The reason I want to learn how to do this is because people always try to force me to do stuff and if I can just take there energy away then they won’t be able to hurt me anymore

Yes, the technique to do so is described in EA’s Works of Darkness, which you said in your other post you bought.

What page is it?

Not sure of the page, but it’s in the chapter on vampirism.

Can u teach me so I can survive this vampire attack I’m going thru… I’m calling on vampires well I had to buy them cause I can’t meditate from this possesion. Idk if I even make contact when I perform evocation. Idk what else to do I’m backed in a corner here.

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Hey I’m the supreme being and I have not practiced much magick other than with groups and small spells. I just recently learned to summon spirits and am getting into the dark arts and spirit keeping. I’m looking for some help on how to get where I need to go. I want to summon an immortal vampire entity to make a pact with him to save myself. I have a curse in me me to be someone’s food for the rest of my life and it looks like I’m just crazy and I’m not gonna live like that so I’m going for it.


I can’t help but notice that no one is broaching undead folkloric type. You might find this interesting:

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Did u know u can bind vampire entities to your spirit and u can send them to feed off people long distance and they feed u the energy thru ur connection with them. U can even shoot them at people using your mind or like for instance pulling one up from inside you a popping your lips at them to send it out thru your mouth. I have an entity do this exact thing to me. That’s where I learned it from. Psy vampires sanguine vampires cannibalistic entities. Some that love human flesh. They feed the energy to u either directly to your self or u can bind them to a stone and feed off the stone. I like making myself their home cause it’s automatic n I don’t have to worry about losing its vessel. Now of course rn I’m being attacked by one so I’m still learning this. Im learning to feed and fight back. This fool has been torturing me for eleven months.


C. Kendall, never mind.

Do ya damn thang do ya thang-a-thang.

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Are you a vampire too?


You need to make an introduction.

i have an issue C. Kendall i was stealing people energy not meaning too on another forum.and i got Death threats i sent you a message, i was hoping you could help me figure out what is going on and teaching me control

How many times does this have to be done to see results?

I’ve been trying to perfect this black flame awakening for months now.

I guess my major problem is being able to memorize this exactly word for word.

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