The use of the element earth

In the ritual chamber I use a sigil of baphomet pentacle to represent the element of earth I inhale 7 times (Initation Into Hermetics) from using my “vampiric” hand to direct the energy into my body.
However, is it possible to actual just walk with that pentacle daily as grounding for a while to get more of the element of earth?

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Yes just be sure to put it somewhere on the left side of the body

I cannot use it as a necklace around the heart chakra?

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You can do whatever you wanna do, i just sugesting you to put it on the left side on the body somewhere because the left side is often asociated with the feminine and being receptive and taking in.It would just mean in that manner that you are pulling in all these earth energys youll need.

But if you feel more drawn to put it there you wanna put it than just do it, dont wait like a duck for some answers trust your inner answer to that topic.Trust Yourself.

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You just made me realize something just becaus Franz Brandon did pore breathing to build energy doesn’t mean I have to I could do it any way I want