The Use of Angels in Curses


Has anyone else done this?
If so how was the interaction?

What was the dialogue like?
Was this done using formal evocation?


Assuming you mean those Angels tradionally viewed as ‘good’ I can verify they are indeed approachable for justice & retribution. I frequently call upon them for turning back an ill intent directed toward me (or in the case of my example, someone I love). I called upon Raphael, Michael, Gabriel & Uriel and the Elements of their individual domains, in protection of a Loved One being manipulated & fed upon by a particularly malevolent, vicious witch. I actually had her power stripped for a short period and she went a little insane. As for ritual/dialogue - I simply cast a circle, summoned them, and gave a detailed account of what I would have be done. I treat the Angels with great respect & genuine appreciation, and rightly so, but there is never any doubt I expect My Will SHALL be fulfilled. (NOT a posture of arrogance, but of strength, conviction & determination.)


I too have asked for gifts to be stripped that others have aquired from me. I still remember the piercing look as I was scanned by Arch Angel Michael the deed was done… all protection was removed and they were ejected into the wastelands.

I seldom disturb the Angels or any entiy for that matter…

I am grateful for your sharing.
Thank you Zoe


I’ve never done this, or any other curses–that I’m aware of. However, I have it on good authority (wink wink) that archangel Michael CAN be used to remove obstacles in your spiritual path, even killing when necessary. My source told me that this is only in situations in which you can convince the angels that killing really is necessary for you, and that you are justified.


I assume that they can be helpful within this matters when the aim is a “righteous one”

If you take into acount the records of Angels destroying cities and smashing sinners and legions of Demons, you can see in that an alegory of their power in matters of war and destrucction.

As well as the existence of Geburah in the tree of life, the house of the Seraphim and Arcangel Kamael, for they stand as divine warriors, and not precisely as pacifists. So, there exists a definitive force of agression in their ranks.

Angels seem to have a shorter action range than demons, but within that shorter range, they seem to excel.

I personally would not call upon an Angel for a work of destruction, but I think that they can be called to “do justice”, and I mean for it if anyone or anything is trying to hurt you in some way due his/her inherent egoism or they are trying to shatter your life due to an envy or hatred directed towards you, based on pure vileness of character.

Even in that case, the achieving of your goal has not to end up with the death of this person, but he/she can be casted out entirely of your life, or the media through which they’re trying to hurt you may be totally removed from his/her/their hands.


Fascinating topic Evangelos.
I had not even considered this possibility until I read the ritual in Baneful Magick wherein Samael is evoked with several demons. Even at that though, I mean we are talking about Samael :stuck_out_tongue:
I was not aware the other angles would/could possibly be used for such a work. Quite interesting. Yet another scroll of knowledge to be added to my arsenal. Also, thank you Zoe for sharing that. Excellently informative :slight_smile:


Izual, what a fascinating read! Thank you so much for sharing your unique combination of knowledge, perspective & skill. This is what I LOVE about this forum - you are ALL of You so wonderfully diverse, and inspire Me to think more deeply in new or broader ways. Z


This is fascinating. What’s the best way of requesting an arch angel to intervene in some way with regards to a curse that’s active in my life and within my family (I suspect from another life, since we don’t use magic)?


One thing with Angels - they must be ‘given permission’ to act.
And very much on several levels… ie to allow them to touch you when they heal - which makes you realise that they will make contact… and to accept that, and more or less allow yourself the opportunity to integrate that reality… then it happens.

They will not just do things, well not at my stage of working with them… but there is a way to work with them…

You can ask them… they listen, our own minds or perception gets in the way, we are the ones who get lost in our thoughts and perceptions, they are always listenning


Hi Gemma, Based upon some of your other posts I’ve read, I would offer you this in regard to your situation, as you have described it: First, really take to heart EA’s advise to not do anything from an “Offense” position until you know what you’re dealing with. With this in mind, you can certainly utilize an angel, archangel or any other entity that you perceive as a Protector. Their historiocal use as protectors over centuries by millions of people has amplified & intensified their power & effectiveness in this arena. Since it seems (from what I understand) that your mind is the primary area under attack, I would suggest Raphael … :wink: Z