The use of a scrying mirror and your experiences

All old topics on this seem almost… immature? Or not formed correctly. My questions are your experiences and use of scrying mirrors, what are the steps you take? What have you seen?

What do you get from a scrying mirror exactly? Seeing the entity? I have had no luck.


I didn’t have any luck from scrying mirrors until I added some extras to it. The idea - as I understand it - is to provide a medium for the spirit to use, to appear and communicate. But the spirit usually doesn’t use the mirror directly, it manipulates the senses of the magician, mainly the vision, which in this case focused on the dark mirror. This is much easier for them.

What helped me to achieve better results was to use smoke and candle lights. The setup maybe different from one magician to another. But the theory is to place those elements around the mirror in a way that creates randomness… when you gaze at the mirror you wouldn’t only see the black “space” but you would also see reflections from candle light and random formations from the smoke of incense. I hope that makes sense.

The mirror is first placed, then the incense in-front of it and two candles on each side of the smoke. Almost like a triangle. This is the setup that works for me.

Looking at the black mirror should be like trying to see something in the background, behind the smoke and candle light. The magickal gaze, then added to those elements and provides the altered state of consciousness needed for the spirit to communicate.

What you see in the mirror is what you expect to see. If you’re evoking a spirit, then you’ll see the spirit. If you’re using it for divination then you’ll see an answer to your question etc

Hope that helps,


This is VERY helpful, thank you


I’m still fairly new to the practice. I’ll normally do some incantations and if I’m trying to connect with a Spirit I’ll normally chant His/Her name and vizualize the sigil (attempting to project it into the mirror) while gazing into the mirror at the same time.

Regarding results thus far, I normally reach a stage where the mirror gets hazy, sometimes a face seems to fade in (when I’m calling on Spirit) and I had one session where an entire transparent head seemed to rise out of the haze and we basically had a conversation where I asked questions out loud and He answered telepathically.

When I ask random questions I sometimes get a flash of an image which also seems to sort of flash in my mind. I’ve also experienced moving visions/shapes like shadows in the haze when just gazing into the mirror with no queations asked or intent to connect with a spirit; the last time this happened the next day I watched a movie that had scenes very close to what I had seen in the mirror.

I still haven’t managed to reach full immersion into the mirror where the vision becomes real and tangible and the voices are heard by the ears but I guess that comes with practice, experience and higher levels of mastery over altered states. Hope this was helpful. It would be great to hear of your experiences in the future as well.


Thank you for that… definitely help me understand this better.


Black witch S has a really good and descriptive youtube video on this. I have yet to try it myself, maybe I should.

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Actually sounds like the images in see in candle flames when meditating/ evoking. I’ve considering going the mirror route but, idk the candle flames are amazing with the colors and movement etc.


Yes I personally prefer candle flames or fire in general for evocation as well.

Smoke helps but as a secondary element. In this case the mirror is only used as a background to contain the area of operation. Fire is the best medium for evocation in my opinion.

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I can see that this conversation petered off quite a while ago. Perhaps there is a newer convo happening on scrying mirrors, but I like the staight way that the questioned was orginaly asked. I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot lately, and I’ve decided to either make or purchase a mirror. While scowering through my books and the internet, I’m seeing two commonalities. The first being that the thought is the best scrying mirror is one made of Obsidian. Because of Obsidians natural use in magick, it’s inherent ability to hold energy, as well as it being completely natural are all obvious reasons why this makes for a viable scrying mirror. While looking into buying a quality Obsidian disk you’ll find that they can be very expensive. That being said, I was actually able to find affordable one’s on, and Amazon. On aliexpress I found a 5inch disk for 32 dollar’s, and an Amazon I found an 8inch for under a hundred. That may sound expensive but compared to the other places I looked, they’re actually crazy cheap in comparison. Now I also found a beautiful, thick, 8inch black glass disk on Amazon for around 6O bux. Although I feel like if I’m already shelling out cash over 50 bux, I might as well get go the extra mile and get the 8inch Obsidian. If I go this route, than I will just build the triangle incasing myself. Nice wood in such a small quantity is not expensive at all, and it’s a relatively easy build. I have seen pre-made scrying mirrors already in the triangle, and painted for sale. These mirrors are crazy expensive. Plus I like the idea of having some hand in the making of it, and I get to choose which names and/or symbols to paint on it. The other choice for scrying mirrors that I’m seeing are plain old mirror’s that have been painted black, DIY from start to finish (which seem to be really popular right now, understandably because it is cheap, easy to create, and the supplies readily available). I’ve actually seen some really nice ones made this way, and done with beautiful craftsmanship. I even caught an Orlee Stewart vid while searching youtube on the subject, where she shows her scrying mirror. It’s nothing more than a regular mirror, not painted black, and with dry erase markers she drew the triangle and names right onto the mirror. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, but what does that matter if it works right? Orlee says that this works great for her, and that’s what matters. Of course it will always be about the magicians preference I suppose. As for me, I obviously always want the most effective tools, whether that means I have to wait a little while and save up, or make it myself. I don’t believe that a tool is better just because it costs more. In fact I believe the more you make yourself the better. It makes it more personal, and it’s imbued from the beginning with your energy and intent. Now I have also seen some other options such as black acrylic mirrors. The acylic definitely has a depth to it’s reflection that I find interesting, and may prove to be very effective (or maybe misleading). But honestly the idea of a plastic mirror turns me off. Even a plain old mirror is made of natural elements such as sand and silver. As of right now I’m really on the fence though. I am incredibly curious to know how others feel about their scrying mirror’s! Did you make yours? Have you tried more than one type of mirror, and how would you compare? Where have you had the most luck? The most tangible experiences? Has anyone ever felt enegy (not their own) coming from the mirror? I’d like to know others opinions on Obsidian especially. What are some of your preferences when it comes to a silver mirror verses a black one? Does anyone feel like it even makes a difference? I should add that I’ve also been looking at crystal balls for scrying as well, although these come in a whole other price range if you want to purchase something if quality that’s big enough to actually look into. I’ve looked at black glass ones, as well as obsidian one’s. If anyone out there uses a crystal ball for scying I’d like to know how you feel about it, and how does it compare to a mirrror? I really can’t tell you giys how much I appreciate any kind of help I can get. I usually have a clear idea when it comes to these types of things… I think it’s the potential for shelling out a lot of cash for something that’s not necessary, or worse, that I may not connect with that’s creating my apprehension and second guessing. But for now I’ll keep staring into the fire! Thanks guys

So over the last weeks during my meditation I use a black candle and frankincense resin. The back drop behind the candle is a very heavy black curten (I’m a truck driver so this curtain is made to keep day light out :grin:) while gazing the flame I have been picking up all kinda activity in the smoke and black backdrop of course when I try to move my gaze ithey vanish …but this prompted me to give scrying a real go picked up a few inexpensive items from Walmart and a very nicely worked black scrying Stone while I was putting things together I tried to keep a very focused mind made a ritual of the construction and mounted what calls to me as MY black sun on a white wood to represent the full moon being fully eclipsed by my black sun …just finished up now will let you all know how I fair. I will be using the recommendations of EA having 5 questions committed to memorie each time I work … I’m including photos of my Sunday project to hopefully inspire or give ideas.

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I found a 4 inch mirror on Ebay. Would that be big enough for scrying?

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Personally I’ve been able to communicate with several spirits and see into my future.

It should be, thats about the size of mirror I have and get on fine with it.

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The problem is most people don’t understand what the actual purpose of the scrying mirror is. It’s to give your conscious awareness some sort of focal point to fixate on in order to allow your subconscious mind to open up. The same way we see things in clouds, the cloud it’s self doesn’t make the image, our minds make the image from what we see in the clouds. All perception is this way, the same mechanism the subconscious uses to communicate images and symbolism to the conscious during dreams is being activated during this process. Don’t try to see the spirit in the mirror because that’s not where the spirit comes see the spirit in your mind and the mirror is the tool to interpret the messages and symbols or images that come into your mind the very same way it happens with cloud gazing or water scrying. Your mind creates the images in the mirror more than your eyes perceive the images, if that makes any sense. Simply allow yourself to zone out and find a trance state and be receptive to messages from your subconscious level because it’s the subconscious that does most of the work when it comes to interacting with the spirits or anything in that realm to be honest. Hope this helps.


Very well stated, but I still don’t see shit! In all my consciously Magickal life I’ve seen a few things, but not many and certainly not enough, therefore it doesn’t bother me anymore (much). Not my gift, but I have others.



I tried to scry a couple of times, with a mirror. I decided to stop, but my experiences have been that my reflection turns shadow-like, and my eyes became even darker (hollow-void like), sometimes I’ll get dark lines on my face with this as well. This is usually before my face “morphs” to something else.


This is exactly what I just had, I think it morphed into an older version of myself.


Pls can you look into the future for me? I will be Glad to hear from you.

Yes, iv done this for many years and what’s see has changed a lot overcoat time… im fair coloured female and my face has morphed into a wolf and a dark Mexican looking man with a large moustache. Of recent its been an older female with very different features to my own… I find it hard to hold the gaze, my main focusing eye seems to strobe uncontrollably. Would love to hear anyone else experience and how to HEAR any messages