The unknown acosmic god above god..lord khaos 156

I’ve studied magick for almost 30 years.
Golden Dawn thelema theistic Satanism luciferian…chaos…ext. I am have an absolute devotion to asteroth astarte …but I’m pleaged by her consort. I am getting khaos…156…
Is there anyone out there that can help me Finnish this puzzle my deamon is telling me khaos…but I’m not a able to understand …please help


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Cool I haven’t found alot of info or mythology on him…even in the Gnostic text like the nag hamadi
I feel like Kenneth Grant looking for Crowley a unown god …i imagine my sigual will work I love thelema but I’m really not O.T.O material…the A…A… Is better but I seem to be organically creating my own system I guess 20 years will do



Astrum argentum is the order of the silver Star also ruled from the secret chiefs like the oto