The universe I created

Last night while tripping on mushrooms with my father I ashed a cigarette and it fell to my feet, this little coal. In my mind I imagined for a split second myself looking down at this spec of light on the dark ground and manifesting a universe within it and I could feel a very palpable force looking back at me from my own astrological shoes. I saw a face etched in constellations and I knew then that I had touched on omnipotence itself. I was a god in that moment and it hurt to think I’d created this almost by accident it seemed. What a profound moment of relief and loss I felt when that coal was extinguished. It will stick with me until I die. I don’t know what it is I’m trying to say or convey with this besides be careful with what you create. Because its remifications and lasting effects will kill you in the best of ways or the worst of ways depending on what you’ve created.