The Universe As An Egregore {A Realization I Had}

I was laying in bed the other night and I was contemplating ways toamifest my Will and what obstacles may be I’m the way of it.

I suddenly realized that the Universe itself may be an Obstacle.

The Status of The Universe
It is an entity that was created by Various New Age/Pagan groups that was given A sentient mind, the ability to act, and the ability to cause obstacles to be moved from the path of the Magus, or Cause them to be placed in his path.

It reacts according to the Magicians thoughts which means it has some ability to read minds, but on a primal level.

After I contemplated that, I did a ritual where I rejected it’s authority and power over me and “broke the chains” so to speak.

I felt an immediate retraction on it’s part, and the egregore left me. A few days later, things are kicking into high gear as far as Ascent goes and I’m starting to recieve updates and consistent guidance from my spirits conerning things I’ve evoked for, and the results of those things.

Also being guided to more resources that can help me out.

It seems like the Universe is indeed an egregore who has some power, until the Black Magician finds a way to bypass that and take the power back



I wouldn’t doubt it, sounds like something I should do.

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Quality stuff @Micah
Can you pm me mate?


Yeah man
Give me about 30 min and I will


That’s cool, thanks.


No ways…

Just the other day I visualized myself from breaking from chains and now this XD

Yes your Theory could very much be true.


Fascinating, and makes sense. I know when I was new age, I certainly talked about the universe enough in such a way.


The Universe isn’t an obstacle, our mind is. The Universe is a very powerful ally if you know where to look.