The "Universal Circle"

Just curious- and feel free to pm me about it if you know- if anyone has purchased and used the “universal circle” and if it is offers more than the traditional triangle/circle of evocation. Also wondering the same of “the circle of Solomon” the ad seems to speak mainly of angelic workings- which I may have in the past been a touch vocal on my thoughts on that- but when I hear or think of “Circle of Solomon” I think of Goetia and personally vehemently reject the time honored tradition of essentially threatening Goetic spirits with angels behind protection circles but rather seek to welcome them. You know what I mean.

I’m not sure what you are asking. There are many threads about the Universal Circle, its inscription and the spirit that is bound to it.

I use one. There is no triangle involved unless you want to use one. It is a summoning circle, based on the Gateway of Pacts from the Book of Azazel, and its purpose is to facilitate evocation. The spirit bound to it acts as a mediator between the magician and whatever spirit is called, allowing things to go smoothly.

I don’t know anything about the Solomon Circle offered by BALG, but, based on what EA said about it, its purpose is for Goetic and angelic evocation specifically.

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.thats pretty much what I was asking- for personal experience. I understand there is no triangle involved and if it seemed to be more “effectivel” than traditional triangle of evocation

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