The two devils of the Bible

Today I am going to talk about two different Satans in the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament represents the Age of Aries, when the Sun remained for several thousand years in the sign of Aries. Aries is a sign ruled by Mars. Sun is exalted in this same sign.

I have already told you that I think the bible is just the record of the Sun God through the zodiacal ages.

In this topic, I would dwell more on the concept of Satan and Lucifer in the two testaments.

During the Age of Aries, Mars was the strongest eloha (singular of Elohim) during this period. He reigned as a dictator and a tyrant but he was not the only God to mark the spirits in this period. There are 5 Elohim, in total 7 if I add the sun and the moon but these two cannot be put in the same lot because the sun is the supreme God and the moon is the latter’s vehicle for living beings .

During the age of Aries, all the planets gave their result in relation to Aries. It’s simple, it’s as if all the planets were placed in the sign of Aries.

The planets that have suffered the most are Saturn and Venus. Saturn cannot give the maximum of its power in Aries, it is completely destabilized. Let’s be clear that Saturn loses its power in this sign. But why? Saturn represents patience, commitment, structure, takes his time to plan, he is a humanitarian and the god of justice. while Mars is inpatient, cruel, impulsive, he does not plan anything, he lives hand to mouth. When Saturn is in Aries it’s like asking an old man to run 100 meters in 10 seconds. He just can’t.

The second planet to suffer is Venus, Venus rules the sign of Libra which is right opposite to Aries. Mars is always ‘me,me,me’, Venus is ‘them,them,them’. She represents equality, impartiality and love of others.

When men understood how these two planets worked poorly, they began to interpret that Saturn and Venus were bad planets because they did not give the expected results according to the sign of Aries.

Saturn could not impart violence and impulsiveness and Venus could not be biased. Their results were half-hearted.

So men created stories that venus was cast out of the paradise of the God in Aries because she did not want to obey God because of her pride. Why pride? Because in the sky, the most visible and brightest planet besides the sun and moon is Venus.

They said Venus could not give her power because she thought she was equal to the sun because she shines too.

And for Saturn, since he is also the God of justice. He could not tolerate the tyranny that was instituted on earth and he was the one who judged men. This is why he was called the accuser of men because men perceived that he was accusing them before the Sun God for judgment. This is where the myth of the accuser and the one who torments men in hell came from.

  1. Satan in the New Testament.

In the New Testament, it is the Age of the Pisces so far. In the Age of Pisces venus is no longer the villain and she is practically the savior of the world. For God (Sun) so loved the world (Venus) that he gave his one and only Son (Jesus), that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (Pisces): John 3:16

Pisces is the sign of Paradise, leaving the physical world represented by Virgo.

Venus in the sign of Pisces is exalted, meaning she gives her maximum power in the sign of Pisces.

In the Age of Pisces venus became the most influential and powerful planet. Venus and Jupiter rule this period. Jupiter being the lord of Pisces.

Venus represents love and passion and the sign of Pisces gives Venus the ability to love everyone without distinction and forgive them. Pisces is a sign without judgement, criticism or boundaries. It accepts everyone. All these qualities are found in the life of Jesus.

Now if Venus is no longer the nemesis, then what is Satan in this period?

The planet that has suffered the most is Mercury. Mercury loses most of its power in Pisces. And also Virgo the sign ruled by Mercury is just opposite to that of Pisces. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces in astrology.

Mercury became the new Satan of the New Testament. Mercury represents intelligence, critical thinking, logic and the brain in astrology. It is the smartest planet in the system.

And Jupiter hates Mercury because for him intelligence must come from the mind of God and not from the brain of man.

Jupiter accepts everyone and unites with God while Mercury is critical and does not accept everything it is told.

In astrology, the 6th house represents all things materialistic, it is day to day work as Jupiter wants humans to unite with God and simply believe in God but Virgo the 6th house of astrology represent physical world separating men from God.

Mercury representing the brain separates the spirit (Moon) of man from the spirit of God (soul-sun). The brain stands right in the middle of the Sun and Moon, Soul and mind.

And you have surely noticed that during this period of Pisces, the churches and the religious men fought a lot against the intellectuals, the geniuses and the inventors. Anyone who had a critical and logical mind towards religion was considered heresy.

The church never liked science and intellect, to them that’s the sign of the devil. They fought the inventors a lot in the previous centuries. They didn’t not accept technology for centuries.

And one more thing there is an expression that people often like to say: the devil is in the details.
This is the sign of the Virgo :virgo: which is always in the details. And the number of the Virgo :virgo: is number 6 Which represents the sign of physical world and materialism.

In the Bible they put 666 to insist on my materialism and the decay of man because of the brain. The repetition 3 times of a figure among the Jews is to demonstrate that importance.

The brain is the only tool that our body has perfected during its multiple reincarnation on earth. Our brain is getting larger and larger with time and this has become the greatest fear of most Gods that men become completely independent from them because of our own intelligence.

The only two zodiac signs ruled by men are considered as the most evil and apocalyptic by religious people. Virgo and Aquarius :aquarius: . The age of Aquarius is the age of the perfection of humans through its own intellect. It’s going to be awesome