The Truth about Death Hell and the Afterlife opinions?

something I came across while I was in research for meditation’s techniques.

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Just felt like telling you this
not sure why.

Yes, you do keep your memories after you die.
I have family that have passed on to the next world to check on me randomly
to see how I’m doing and they clearly recognize me.
Keep in mind most of these visitors are family that died before I was even born or even conceived and they still recognize me.
Lucifer has stated that there is no punishment after death
And depending on your religion if you are still faithful in one you can go to that
gods heaven.
Christians go to Abrahams heaven
Buddhists into Nirvana
Pagans into the summer lands
You get the gist.
YOU choose what you wanna do.
And on a side note, Hell is a place where the spiritual may choose to go.
It is a place of enlightenment
Beautiful purple skies.


Thx for sharing my dude :slight_smile: quick research on Christianity and you understand the amount of bullshit and slavery that contain it, toxic mind state that you’re going to hell for entirety if you’re sinning just one time, constantly living in fear and avoiding any pleasant sex before marriage or having fun it’s either that or hypocrisy keep sinning and praying with their sins, I had 2 religious friend who was constantly living in “sin” the slaves “the true ones” I don’t believe there is a human that not sinning unless his life really boring and sucks are basically giving up on this joy life time to feed this fake religious spirits, Their religion is based on Odin story, Jew bible upgrade version and so on, when you understanding the truth you’re basically a free spirit, only poor souls living in constant fear to please anyone, so stop and hail Satan ! Trust Satan, keep on meditating gathering knowledge and empowering your self.

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When I asked Lucifer if I was going to hell he responded" no, it doesn’t work like that.“
I asked him if I COULD go to hell and he said " if you really want to.”

It’s up to us


I’ve actually worked with Yahweh he’s very powerful because of all his followers prayer energy .
He agree’s with us that his religion has been completely fucked up by his followers.


Sadly it’s not all like subjective. Sometimes there are entities that will force you to a certain place.


Cant you just will your self to leave then?

Or beat the shit out of them either one works

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If you are powerful enough you may be able to resist their pull. Certain gods gain influence based on how many they have in their realm. Think of their plane of existence as an extension of themselves. The more souls the more influence. There might be ways around this. The Egyptian gods seem to favor humanity and may help you.

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I think he has talked to me once in my sleep. I had problems with my believe, dogma, blame on Lucifer.
etc. But I never doubted the Gods. I lay the blame on people for fucking it all up.

most of the magicians i know have bad experiences with him, can you tell about yours?

Everyone’s soul is like a growing human being. When the soul is new, it is fruitless in knowledge. As it gets older it learns and understands more of its world and others. This is why many magicians have a more natural ability and some other have to work extremely hard to perform magick well. Some of us remember rather than learn.

Based on majority of my study from many different belief systems, it is quite clear that the soul goes where it wants to go, but will likely go to the area of which it is most familiar. In other words, a man or woman with strong Christian ties whom attend mass everyday will go to the heaven created in the Christian mind. Those of us that work diligently with the demonic entities will go there after death naturally. However this only means your soul is still growing and not advanced yet.

A powerful being is able to travel to all of the different worlds post death during its time in thr astral between carnations. This is why elite magicians soul travel to and evoke entities from different realms, to learn about the world and gain knowledge about their resident. By doing this you mature the soul and give it the ability to be adaptable and live comfortably in the different currents at will.

On a side note… and some can agree or disagree, especially here, that one can subject themselves to a life of servitude to a specific entity in their world. When you make a pact and offer yourself to an entity and it agrees, if you truly sell yourself and/or do not completely fulfill your end of the bargain in exchange for what that entity fulfilled for you, your soul will be taken to where they reside, and you will serve them for an amount of time.

No one seems to ever ask where these “legions” comes from do they? Well…

During this period you will be a servant entity and will complete tasks for others as they did for you now. If you do this with multiple entities, the stronger of them will take you first.

Many of us seem to get drawn to a specific entity during our practice and work with them too much. Well from what I have seen is that typically. You have serves this entity in between carnations and they want you back. By working too much with a specific entity for most of your life can created an unspoken packed and bring you back to servitude after death.

This is my opinion so take what you want from that.