The true grimoire

I have purchased this book and i am wondering the best way to gain useful information from it because it is quite archaic and confusing (human fat candles) lol


Those spirits are seriously powerful and not to be trifled with. They can, in fact, be quite, dare I say it, dangerous, because they have all these powers they can use, but you may not like what they do with them.

This doesn’t mean try to do the whole damn grimoire by the book, on the contrary, the spirits are very eager to work with you. While possessed by Astoroth, I was informed about the useage (and abuseage (is that even a word LOL) of language and how the spirits can adapt to work within a practitioners current circumstances. Be warned however, they can completely possess a person for several days, take people to alternate realities, teleport items away (yeah, I’m damn sure that sigil went somewhere, who knows where) mess with multiple people’s minds at once (every fucking power attribute is there, but you just may not like where you go with this stuff.)

Let me say this however, I am an example of why to leave the goddamned thing a fucking lone. My life was crap before I seriously touched the book, and now it is even more fucked up. I gave the spirits too much fucking leeway and now I am feeling sick about all the shit I let them do to me and my loved ones. I did not have a good plan before I started, and now I am left with an even bigger mess. Lets just say the fucking philosophers stone is real, but the fact everyone thinks it is fake is the problem.
If you get the Astoroth symbol in that book wet, (as in swimming or bathing) serious fucking shit can happen. they don’t fuck around, or give any fucks.

Belial told me to forget about my crap husband, and lets just say letting Astoroth from that fucking book possess me was not a fucking good method of getting his worthless piece of crap cowardly ass kissing ass back. I just wanted him back cause I am an angry shit who hates lots of stuff that I feel I have to put up with cause one person can’t do shit about it.

(and by use that book, I really mean just used a couple of the sigils, the Astaroth, and briefly the Lucifer one)


What’s the title and who’s the author?


The true grimoire is a remastered version of the grimoire verum by Jake Stratton Kent


Which method you used to get back him?

Occasionally, terms like “eye of newt” or even “human fat” can be code names for herbs or other ingredients. Not always, and not nearly as often as some people might have us believe, but it did happen.

As you said, these old grimoires are fairly archaic. Back in the Dark and Middle Ages, human fat wasn’t that difficult to come by given all the public executions and torture that were apparently so popular back then. The magician/witch could simply pay the executioner under the table to obtain what s/he needed. That’s a bit harder to do today!

Modern substitutions are possible, though. It helps to learn scrying and ask the spirit directly for what they’d accept instead.

I’d start with one of the safer entities if you’re thinking of summoning one of them. If you’re CAREFUL, and follow the directions, as well as spending time to strengthen yourself as a practitioner first (such as sticking to a daily meditation and cleansing routine), all is possible and more.