The triangle of manifestation

So, my circle arrived yesterday -along with my other ritual supplies, the only thing I’m now missing is the triangle of manifestation. My question, is it needed? I’ve had mixed responses with this question, in his seminar EA said that he no longer uses it because the spirit is inevitably going to materialise where it wants, however, in evoking eternity he states that it SHOULD be used as part of the process -putting it in the correct cardinal direction etc.

Would it have the same effect if put the brazier -incense burner, in the cardinal direction of the spirit? Without the triangle? Or does the triangle have a direct effect on the ritual?
Thanks in advance’
Chris :slight_smile:

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I’d get a triangle myself in your situation, but don’t expect the spirit to necessarily use it, it’s just a reference point for you both. But you don’t want to go into this thinking there’s a possibility of failure because you have no triangle, if you see what I mean?

The benefit of tools and rites is the certainty they can provide, the downside is they create conditionality (whereby doubt creeps in because you’re not certain you’re doing it “right”) - so for this reason I suggest that, for now, you get a triangle made (black card or paper should be fine) and place it to the south, or the direction associated with the spirit you want to contact. Just so it’s not in the back of your mind.

Later, once you’ve had some successes, you can decide for yourself what’s useful and what’s not.


Forget circles and triangles, I wanna get up close and personal with the demons and deities. I don’t want anything standing in my way and they don’t need anything to manifest in or an assigned area of which to appear. Just call them, and then set some boundaries verbally if need be.

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I use a flat stone the size of my hand with a triangle painted on it. easier to move and i don’t have to worry about burning my hands on the brazier…again. One thing you can try is opening the sigil of the spirit before the evocation and asking them directly. Just meditation on the question when using a sigil can help a lot with things like that.The only other real advice i can give is don’t ignore your feelings and intuitions when your in a ritual. If you feel that the spirit is to the left of you,or on the ceiling or even outside of your house, just go with it no matter how strange it might feel at the time and that may save you some troubles and worries: )

Alright, interesting responses, I think I’ll go with a triangle for the first few evocations and then see what the spirits think about it. How would I go about making one? I don’t have any scribing tools (and there isn’t a place nearby that I can get some) so something on metal or stone would be hard to make, Eva said a black card or paper, could I just get an A3 piece of black card and draw the triangle on it? Or are there rules about materials and such?

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I took some sticks I found outside and put god names on a piece of paper I wrote and cut up around the triangle. I used Hecate and Lucifer as god names though not anything else. I don’t use a triangle anymore either way. Or you could get a bed sheet and a marker and draw a triangle on it.


I haven’t been using one. i give licence to appear, they manifest where they will it’s respect for the spirit. A white wall is a great manifestation base I use this in evocations as well it’s easy to trance at a white wall.


I feel the same way as Raven and I approach ritual magick that way pretty much all the time.

I believe apart from setting an area for the spirit to manifest the purpose of the triangle is also to try and constrain the spirit.
I remember seeing a video explaining why the shape of the triangle actually was meant to be able to be used in containing the spirit in that area.

I don’t really understand how that is meant to work, I am sure a spirit will do what it wants.

I did use a triangle recently when evoking one of the demonic kings that I hadn’t worked with before, not sure what difference it would have made.


Yes - you’re not using godnames if you have a UC, so you don’t need any on the triangle, nor any patterns - you just need something black (in this method) that you can cut into an equilateral triangle.

A3 is perfect, tools don’t have to be enormous, especially when you’re not using it like a “cage” to trap a spirit, it’s a manifestation base and that’s all. John Dee’s crystal ball is barely larger than a golf-ball! And I’ve had spirits appear above an agate slice that’s barely wider than my palm.

While I hear, and agree with, what people say, I mean I’ve evoked spirits into walls so much that our flat is seriously weird by now, I think that at the early stages using these symbols DOES help, later they become optional of course, but right now you’re trying to do something completely new and these things are used for a reason, for example the triangle as a source of manifestation from one state (formlessness or spirit worlds for example) to another dates right back to the use of yantras in Hinduism, it MAY even be associated with the pyramids, and it entered modern magickal practice via the Seal of Solomon.

I was told to use a black hexagon by a demon, which (unless I’m going to suddenly discount random things spirits say to me - and that’s not likely!) means that some spirits DO wish to have a geometric place marked out for them in the “space” portion of the spacetime perception - I’m not saying this to muddy the waters (stick to a triangle for now, E.A. recommends use of a known system to begin with) but just because it was a real spirit asking for a geometric item to use as a base.

That’s my take on this, at this stage - later you can evoke into walls, the sky, whatever, but for now I think sticking to the tried and reliable forms is a good idea. JMO. :slight_smile:

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What do you mean exactly? Do you mean the walls have actually physically changed?

Not in terms of appearance, but the ability of spirits to cause a visible flash or flicker on their “patch” has increased, it’s like being on a multi-screen video conference and being sent a notification, and I’ve evidently done something to one part of the floor because I’ve had La Santisima Muerte and a few other spirits I’d never called on before pop up there.

Our dog sees these, he’s pretty used to it by now so he’s not that bothered, but we’ll see a flicker and he’ll look over as well. When that happens it means the spirit who I’ve scried/evoked in that area has something to say, maybe advice or something, they warned us ahead of a power cut a few weeks ago for example.

The room feels weird as well, the rest of the flat is fairly normal and then you walk in there and it’s like there are people sitting just out of sight watching, even when it’s just me I never feel like there’s no-one else here.

I’ve been doing this consistantly since about the end of 2013 when I moved everything so it’s a combined bedroom, Temple etc., I think the combined focus of so many different entities has created a weakening in the fabric here, along with my whole demonic Child thing which all happened in this room. Weird stuff.

Oh, and I don’t really “soul travel” any more to these spirits or their realms, I just link up to their patch and I’m there, that’s been pretty handy. Like USB as compared to the old multi-pin things where everything wouid need to be powered off before you could add a new printer or external drive.

We are running a bit short on space by now, though…

So, I have an amazing update to share. I took the advice and went ahead and made a makeshift triangle out of an old fabric I had in the back of my house, I had actually purchased Solomon’s circle (I felt more inclined to that one rather the UC) so I drew out the triangle with a black marker and wrote the God names around the outside, but I also had an urge to draw the symbols that Koetting uses on his triangle (the one in the evoking spirits seminar). At first I was worried about combining systems since I know it’s been advised against in the past, but it appeared to work great for me.

When it had all been set up, I decided to perform my first proper evocation. I had tried to evoke Paralda before, with no result that stood out to me that said it had worked (however I didn’t have a triangle and at that time I hadn’t really worked on scrying vision, so I attributed my failings to that). Instead, this time I was inclined to evoke Michael. I had drawn his sigil out before hand (about a week ago) and had been practicing getting into the TGS with it, and connecting my mind to his, so I put his sigil inside the triangle (which I placed in the north only because my temporary temple is very very small and it wouldn’t fit anywhere else…).

I tuned the lights down and set out some candles, and I began to gaze at the sigil and vibrate his name. I found that I entered the TGS a lot faster than normal when I was doing the ritual. Once I was in the tgs I got up and performed the LBRP to start the ritual, which worked very well since I could feel a definite change in the atmosphere. I then continued to vibrate Michael and generally asked him to come into the temple, on the second wind of the incantations the room became more humid and I felt a definite materialisation in the north. He chose to ignore the triangle which I did laugh at afterwards, nevertheless I definitely felt a presence.
I told him that I felt him in the room, at which point (bear with me because this is where it’s gets weird…then again you all might be used to it!) I began to hear a voice in my head, it was essentially a form of weak telepathy I think. It wasn’t physical, but I’m still working on that, but I continued to ask questions and was getting answers in my head that didn’t feel like me answering, if you know what I mean?
I’ve actually been having trouble with a spirit recently, my mother kept saying she didn’t like being home alone because “there was something there” and it was evident that it was interfering with my energy work and meditations, so I asked Michael if he would get rid of the spirit for me, which he laughed at and then said he would, but in future I should “use energy to cleanse it”. He then told me to call him again once my other supplies had arrived (brazier and candles), which I thought was interesting because I hadn’t told him I had them on order, but he evidently wanted me to evoke him to full materialisation.
I then went to get up and get out of the circle and felt a gust of air (faint but still evident) that made me sit down again, at which point he said “you haven’t dismissed me, you must dismiss all spirits before you leave”. At which point I chuckled and thanked him for reminding me, then I dismissed him and asked him to “bring my will into manifestation” which is the phrase Koetting used in evoking eternity.
The presence then lifted and I blew out the candles and went to bed. I did get a nose bleed after the ritual which I thought was funny, but put it down to coincidence.

I remember someone saying to me that if you can feel a presence when you evoke you can go ahead and call it a full evocation, which is great because I proved to myself that my system is working which is a real booster!

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Excellent result there! :slight_smile:

That’s so cool, that you really felt the difference and boost in “signal power” from this evocation, lots of luck on your future work and please keep us posted.

Azael, don’t dismiss a nose bleed as coincidence! I’ve been working very closely with a bunch of demons here lately and when they start doing stuff to manipulate my energy, chakras, etc. I realized that I get a sudden headache in my ajna chakra. Last night, I felt that again and could feel the presence of a demon (although I believe it was more than one) next to me and felt my body doing this thing it does when they do things to me, got that ajna chakra headache again, and then my nose started to bleed afterward.

As of right now I have no clue what triggered the nose bleed but it happened right after that.

Raven, it’s possible that the nose bleed was a result of my Ajna chakra opening for sure. I found that when I tried to see a materialisation in the ritual, I was straining myself a bit, since this is the first time I’ve used my “other” senses it’s possible that the nose bleed was a result of pushing to hard on the first time.

I large stones layed in a circle. And a small triangle check it out