The trials of Lucifer

I awoke tonight in a conscious dream chanting specific enochian words which I can neither fully remember nor comprehend, to summon Lucifer. To be specific the energy produced by the words was enochian but that does not mean such words existed previously .They were apparently new. And be not dismayed by this for in the same way in dream have I received new names of Lucifer- a part of his original conjuration. the which i also don’t remember. Also the energy of Lucifer produced by the enochian words was lunar as opposed to solar. also he most likely is related to azi dahaka since they are both serpentine and since his energy that is now in me just went out of my body and shifted into that name which i saw with my eyes as a word on this page. but azi dahaka is definetly the dark destroying sepent. thought azi dahaka can be very positive as well. feels like he is the other more negative extreme or end of lucifer like two ends of a ray of light or two heads of the same serpent at each side. that they are two parts of one adversarial entity. so it turns out we are dealing with the positive lunar the semi negative semi possitive solar and negative dark aspects of him. And yeasterday he told me to come out under the full moon and call him. to leave the heat which is sometimes destructive and obtain the peace and bliss of the yin energy. so that’s how that manifested-in dream. and also according to Micheal ford and ONA he is associated with the moon. but before i found this out he told me that the moon was the last place (sphere) from which he fell to earth. during the chanting he revealed that if he will be called with this angelic tongue he shall appear in his angelic benign aspect (which feels so good, is sweet) and that he likes to be called this way the most and it is best to call him so. but since the word are not clear it is up to us to find the best enochian ones. this is also because each one is free tro compose his own conjuaration as enochian and lucifer are both flexible and better is a conjuration composed from hearth by each one. He also revealed that he can be called as a demon- his purely destructive aspect- using the demonic tongue. no the specific demonic words to be used were revealed because we have enough info on it as it is and what we already know can all be used for the calling without fail. if you call him just as lucifer both of these natures are inherently within him, but they are not as pronounced. also the demonic aspect still has positivity and definetly isn’t completely negative. both of these ways produce very different aspects of him. it is also noteworthy that no matter how else you call him , without the angelic tongue (enochian) he will never come angelic. after the chanting and transmission this dream ended and the trials of Lucifer began. in the next dream i was in my bed and i knew intuitively that my dream body was exactly were my physical body was. i sensed another solid body in my bed. i knew that this could not be so since i was sleeping alone. A demon had manifested. his presence was black and destructive shaped like a body. as i touched him it hurt. i chanted exorcisms i had memorized and dispersed the demon. Next Lucifer himself came in the form of a young white boy, and blonde hair i think his eyes were blue. his physique appeared exactly like that of the boys painted in churches- cherubs. he started rushing at me. “I destroyed that demon. this time i’ll accept you”, I thought to myself and i did i relaxed gave up control as much as i could and let him enter me. I was afraid it would hurt as the previous one did but it didn’t. He was pleasant. the dream changed again and the third trial began. this one was more automatic , like a movie requiring just a little bit of my control. it was a race. me against a demon champion of Lucifer. I won the race. they carved my prize and posibly my body impailing it with many spears on something wooden acin to conected trees and or shields. this depicts i feel my own complete self sacrifice in the demonic works in order to gain everything and also the crucifiction. the important thing is that we do not sacrifice ourselves some force or god or ny other save to ourselves our own ascent alone. and all who desire this type off demonic gain will have to or have already made this sacrifice. just like odin too. my prise was proclaimed to rule lucifer’s hell (wherever is his domain) and his demons all who reside there and under him when i will have my made my sacrifice to him fully to serve him completely. As it was spoken i knew that this was not what i had received already at least not fully but that this is a Revelation that which he offers to all men. and to all it is exactly the same The trials of dream ended. as I awoke the command to share all this on the forum was in my head. even now he demmands and is forcing me, being still in me since the dream of union. that i tell it all and with as much detail as i can. He demands that you know and UNDERSTAND it.

To clarify the purpose of these trials was to test my judgment- how i would react in these situations. i have passed them all. athough upon waking i did have a strong feeling or maybe just a belief that there were 4 trials but since the fourth is tottally out of my head i recounted three. The more likely possibility is that the fourth is the trial of this day. important to note tghat he is lord of night and day dark and light thus he has the power to rule all our worldly physicall life.


Also I tell you truthfully, Lucifer and his demons are concerned enough with each man persoally that you may all freely come to him and that he will help each in whatever way it be necessary. the chance and challenge and suggestion that he gives to all magicians and non magicians alike is to make a pact with him. listing all that you need. call him as you will and in exchange give yourselft to him wholly. And may it ever be remembered that to receive everything we must give everything. This is a self initiation open to all.

it is preferred to do this far away in a wilderness like a dessert when the sun is closest to the earth and scorching- strongest. for the pain that you will endure by it you will be rewarded.


Ive been hearing his name in dreams very often. One was in a “magick school” two ladies were there, one made me sign a contract she respectfully said his name. What do you think?

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