The Traveller

This isn’t a poem. It’s my personal instruction manual on how to initiate Soul Travel.

EDIT: Cord, refers to the spinal cord.

Divine cord glistens, the All bears in

timeless moment, will projected
see what the cord sees
reduce to the cord
let go of your body

focus on the lack of focus
let this nonsense tickle your alleged third eye
allow the impression to grow like a pressure in the brain
feel how the impression is strong at the top of the head

consider this impression as the unimportant target of your focus
now pull the source of your focus, not the target, into the length of the cord
the cord is the seat of your experience
the cord projects into the body
the cord listens to the body
the body projects into the world
the body listens to the world
with all the senses, the cord sees

let the body tend to itself
it knows what to do
loosen your mental grip on the body
forget the impression throbbing in your head
easier said than done
breath in the awareness of the All,
breath out and project your awareness into the All
the direction does not matter
both are the same
taking in the all, and projecting into the all does not differ

step back
this is an inward journey
be light and airy
your body isn’t needed here and now


That’s actually pretty nice! It can be seen as a poem that guides you through astral projection.

PS: What you describe is actually astral projection, not soul travel.

Thank you. The technique essentially raises your anchor from this physical reality. It is just the first step. From there you can either Soul Travel or Astral Travel. I actually mostly Soul Travel. I’m nowhere near EA’s ability, and it doesn’t happen each time, but when it happens, wow.

So once you’ve raised your anchor, it is easier to bilocate/travel and with much less disorientation.

Thanks for reading! You are right it does seem rather well suited for Astral projection.

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