The tools of witchcraft

When I see witches do their magical workings it seems so easy to go.
Using a broom to clean the circle, using salt to create the circle and the athame or wand to direct energy. However, it cannot be so easy to go. Is it the case that the witches are very skilled in infused tools and objects with the accumulation of the elements? Air infused into the broom, earth infused into the salt, fire infused into the athame or wand and the chalice infused with the water.
There was also a witch I saw on youtube when he should activate a talisman he pour blood overfrom a chicken he beheaded to activate it (I wonder why he did not just used his own blood).

And why not?

Things don’t always have to be super complicated.

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The physical items can be used to store energy, enchanted or otherwise inherently magical, but that is not required for most simple magical operations like you describe.

In simple actions like sweeping the floor to banish bad energy, what you are actually doing is linking your intention of banishing the bad energy with the action of sweeping. The sweeping produces the energy to banish and your intention to banish directs the energy you are producing to do so.

If you know how energy works and how the physical actions links the two, you can very easily do very very simple, yet successful work.

Folk magic is often very easy imop for beginners because of the physical actions linking and directing the energy and making a connection the subconscious understands.


Sweeping in and of itself is quite rewarding and clensing be it thd circle, a forest path, a room, etc. I often use sweeping as a method of opening and clearing.

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I have a natural skepticism. Some things are just to good to be true.

I’d work with Marnes then, for discernment on which are which- A good dose of Clair Cognizance is a wonderful tool to aid with discernment on who is real and who is faking it.