The Tone of Yourself

When rereading your posts, I mean. What do you think you sound like?

Whenever I reread my posts, I hear a jolly fellow who enjoys his work a little too much and is seemingly always eating an apple, but it’s blue for some fucking reason.

What about you guys?

I sometimes wonder who I am, and did I really write that? I learn more about myself by reading my own posts. I also learn from the many posts I wrote and decided not to post.

That’s actually something I was wondering, thanks for posting this.

I imagine people of the forum sounds like old people.

Some time people sounds like butters stoch from south park.

I also see TWF as being an old man with a moustache and the hat of a sphinx… and that’s because of the avatar img he had when I came to the forum.

I can’t picture anybody else, sometimes I imagine you guys speak like rappers.

I sometimes wonder who I am, and did I really write that? I learn more about myself by reading my own posts. I also learn from the many posts I wrote and decided not to post.

yeah, that happens to me too, and also when I read old poems I’ve written, specially the good ones “Oh, did I really wrote this? Nice… I can’t even remember”.

Wordy priggish school prefect, at least that’s how my own posts look to me if they’re more than a few days old, so I don’t have a strong memory of writing them. It’s funny, because I was the exact opposite at school!

Good topic.

Narius, you sound like (to me) some old librarian that’s an assassin in his spare time.

Epic, for some reason, you sound like a snowman to me.

Lady E, that’s pretty much spot on.

I have a pretty good memory…so it is just whatever tone I was writing in at the time.

Oris, I always get the impression you’re either yawning or bellowing.

Personally I always thought thine words had a little more of an air of elegance to them, but if that is what you wish…

Aw, that’s okay then - I’ll bring you in an apple tomorrow! :o)

(A blue one if I can!)


I read everything in the voice of Samuel L. Jackson all day, every day.

For some reason I have tendency to read my posts sounding like L from Deathnote

Dude, how does a snow man sounds?

wow… the internet… and I live in the fucking desert, the water is so scarce that the evaporating water is more than the rain water, we’re literally just playing “who last longer” in this place…

Epic Snowman, from the frosty forsty places full of snow balls

furry walls.

Maybe… JUST maybe… I’m Jack Frost and I’ve never realized, perhaps… just perhaps all my life, all this life is just an illusion… a dream and I’m afraid of wake up and realize I’m… Jack Frost, dying, literally frosting…


goddamn man… I’m jack frost I don’t know if I can’t stand that, is a lot of responsbility…

I’m told I’m quite arrogant so maybe my posts come off like that of a pompous know -it all. I’m okay with that :slight_smile:

Lotus: I read you as being very verbal, but at the same time like a professor.

Defectron: Nail on the goddamn head.

Epic: I don’t know. But I know that your tone is what I would associate a snowman to sound like.

Darkest: You sound like a student, to me.

Hadn’t noticed that from your posts, fwiw? Then again I’m very confident myself. :wink:

Lotus and Darkest sound like well rounded guys who are knowledgeable and confident in their knowledge.

NariusV sounds like a seasoned occultist to whom I should shut up and listen. That goes for Empyrean, and Frater A and Sultitan.

Lady Eva sounds like the person who’s head is about to pop from all the knowledge flowing through it.

Orismen sounds laid back and the type of guy who likes to help.

Sevarn sounds overly serious at times.

…And TWF sounds like I’ve always imagined Merlin would, all knowledgeable and humorous, an’ stuff :slight_smile:

Just wait till I put the Billy avatar back up…