The thing you like most about magick?

What I like most about magick is that your path is yours to choose. If you want to work with old gods, Egyptian gods, Greek gods… You can. Yet you don’t need to choose one or the other.

Power. Surpassing what I was given, to get what I want.

Oh yeah, that is our stuff - that is our deal, reason we are here - and rising with radiance that is power.

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:2, topic:4318”]Power. Surpassing what I was given, to get what I want.[/quote]I haven’t reached that state of mind yet. I still feel pretty powerless.

We all have power and magic is the art who unlocks it.I like to get the results that i want through this art,and the knowledge it gives you.

Imagine you’re not - given the result you got so far. :slight_smile:

How would that feel?

Imagine you’re not - given the result you got so far. :slight_smile:

How would that feel?[/quote]

I’m not the one who put those events in order to make all this happen. I simply asked for it, and it was done.

What kind of power is that?

Edit: I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m just stating how I feel. I realize not everyone can just ask entities for something and have it come to pass. So I’ve obviously got something. I just wouldn’t call it power lol.

I like to look at it more like I’ve got people looking out for me. Not just in this world either.

For me, it’s definitely the power. Having been targeted by terrorists when I was a child and feeling so helpless against them, I’m finally in a position to protect myself and also punish my enemies when they try and fuck with me. Magick has given me a lot of control and power in my life that I didn’t have in my younger years.

I like using black magic for healing myself so I’m not using my own power to simply tear my life down around me. Using it to benefit ME FIRST and seeing all the rewards that the people who are around me reap as my awesomeness cascades down. :wink:

Yeah, definetely power, for it makes me able to defend my freedom.

I’m thankful for magick because it’s liberating. If it wasn’t for magick, I would have never experienced the dissolution of my ego. Having that happen to me, I have found an inner peace and a silence in my mind that has allowed me to take ascent to a whole new level. Magick for me, has opened me up to realizations that I would have never come to if I didn’t practice in the first place. I guess it’s this very thing that makes me love magick.

Freedom and a limitless nature.

What she said.

Also, love of the invisible splendors. Spirits are just neat. I enjoy their company, learning about their nature, trying to understand their minds and worlds. I value interesting experiences, and magic offers me that in spades.

Yes! It’s kind of like being able to travel between galaxies and meet interesting “aliens” - only right here on earth, right at home. The sheer oddness of some of them enchants me, the peculiar values, the weird way they speak… wonderful stuff.