The thin line between looking for movement and lusting for results

So I did some searching first but I didnt find a good thread about it and the ones I did find seemed to contradict each other. I’ve always thought you should check for movement after a working. Yet I see others say don’t look for movement because that’s lusting for results. They say to just trust that it did work. So what is the consensus on it? Does it go situation by situation?


Primarily the goal is to avoid lusting for results because it could imply an underlying lair of doubt (whether or not many want to admit it). Although, if practiced enough, keeping something in mind can also be beneficial, but more recognized as it has happened already and you are just waiting for the check.


Can you look for movement without caring whether you see it or not?

The key to magical manifestation is to assume the thing is already yours so how can you look for movement towards a result that you have already claimed as yours?

If you are working with a spirit, and feel you must have a sign of movement toward your goal, you can ask the spirit for one within a certain time frame. For example, if you tasked a spirit with bringing you a lover, within the original evocation, after you have set the task, you can ask for a sign of the work in progress within a week. Then you go about your business, and the sign you asked for will present itself. However, you never go looking for it.


When you ask for something, you must believe that you have already received it. It sounds biblical, yes, but there is a reason why.

Because it works. It’s called faith.


well, techniquely it the thing that changes “faith” - belief into actually doing, casting it into existence.

However, i just simply agree with you.

It is, what set’s success apart from failure.


That sounds a lot like the law of attraction.

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Yep, 'cause the Law of Attraction is based upon the principles found in the Kybalion, the book which forms the basis for most magical thought, making the LOA just watered down occultism.


At the risk of sounding dorky I would say you “look without looking.” Maybe “look out of the corner of your eye.” Be confident and expect what you want, and be on the lookout for signs (including signs that you need to to some more work or adjust something) - but don’t go obsessively searching for them. If the universe has something it wants to tell you it’ll find a way to deliver the message.


right, actually the “law of attraction” is taught through “the secret” clearly showing and hinting at it as being a transition towards the occult but slightly before the actualy occult. it’s basically a grey zone. Already using some of the real concepts of magick, but still embedded into the political and religious mainstream stuff.

And let’s be honest.

Is anyone here who read it,
and especially with the advertisement video’s about it,
who didn’t wonder:
Have all these Celebrities really said these things and known it as he’s telling it,
or is he using their faces to cover his own message and using them,
since they can’t / woun’t speak out against it.

i mean, not just to long ago,
a similar topic was open here,
kind of saying anyone who had a certain amount of followers / “fame”,
was using Magick.

Now, some really are openly speaking out about what they use to get their success.

While, many others, you simply don’t know.
Because no one asks directly,
and at least some of them,
must be sticking to the regular,
religious path.




I like that description.


Usually when I evoke a spirit and feel/perceive the presence of the spirit , I make my request and believe that the spirit will carry out the task as requested. I don’t really put much thought into looking for movement. I believe the basis of all these discussions about lusting for results roots back to one thing- Impatience. When you put the ritual of of your head you will notice movement without necessarily ‘looking’. Maybe the line between looking and lusting s thin or maybe it just doesn’t exist and its the same thing.


I’m very result oriented I need to see movement even if it’s just a meaningful dream ! I remember when I did my first love spell On a specific person I went out after a couple of hours and heard from his friend that this guy is avoiding me because he likes me too much , now that’s a major movement/sign for me and helps me let go of lust for result (full relationship manifestation) !


The LOA fucked me up. I’ll tell you…

All the repetitive I am, I will, I have and the programming of not feeling your true feelings nullified my emotions after a while. I couldnt get happy or visualize because I was supposed yo be practicing detachment. It’s a whole fuckshit with Abraham Hicks. Not to discredit the practice. It can work for others but my bipolar ass was all over the place. “Match your vibration to what youre attracting”, “Let it go” Bitch I cant bc I want it. Lol So I began hypnosis downloads on detachment and theyd take me to a bright white place with all the shimmery deeper deeper stuff flowing through me. It worked for like 2 weeks. I was literally repressed. The constant pressure of trying to be positive when you sometimes just dont. It wasnt like I didnt get something out of it but I had to step away and return to LHP. I feel more myself with demons than I do with the “universe”. At least demons communicate. Fuckers.


I believe to trust that it worked is foolishness , I don’t believe in magic , just explainable experiments , so one should look for a result , but if they are smart and have proven methods they don’t have to do much looking


For me, I see nothing wrong in seeking signs of movement even though it is a form of lusting for results. In my experience a spell that is fully ramped up and empowered will usually manifest regardless. It is your impeccability at the time of casting that is imperative. In demonic work, the great King Belial assures me that “lusting for results” has no impact whatsoever on the outcome of a request, in fact he deemed it laughable that such a puny thing as lusting for results could even begin to limit the force of his power. Once he commits to getting the job done…it is done.


What one believes in whether consciously or unconsciously, permitted or non permitted affects the way we do things.

For lusting for results, if one believes that it will affect the result you are expecting, then it will.

When you are doing a weather magic, you are expecting rainfall. You need it immediately. You do the operation.

You go and check if the heavy clouds are forming, if they are not, you keep doing it again till you see a little cloud forming in the sky.

It all boils down to your beliefs.


I know this is an old post, but to add my views without opening a new thread:

If using a LOA approach, I think it may be detrimental to our purpose, since we are throwing negative emotions (doubt, anxiety) that blocks the positive thoughts used to create our wish. In other words, we have to stay in a positive state as much as possible, because we are in charge of the work, using our power jointly with that of “the universe”

In case we task any spirit to work our desire and fulfill it, I do not agree with the possible negative impact of lusting for results. In theory, our power has been used to effectively contact that entity, performing the ritual to our best. But once the spirit has accepted this task, it is his work to get results. In some way, we are “freed” from that responsibility. From that moment onwards, whether we think positively, negatively or forget about the result should have no impact. After all, that spirit is an intelligent and powerful being doing his work. I doubt that Azazel, for example, says: “hey you, I cannot carry on with this task, because I got you thoughts of doubts and anxiety”. I fully agree with what Apollonius said

Quoting this book (about Caldean Astrology practical magick):

“It doesn’t matter what you believe or not. Put in the time even in a mechanical way and you will get results. It is true that if you also believe it, it will go faster”:Ángeles-Genios-Astrología-Caldea-interpretación/dp/B086Y6M8W4