The Thanos syndrome

I wanna ask something to all the magicians, have you wish something with all you heart and make a spell to fulfil your desire(wish) but that spell never works? Well if your answer is yes let me talk to you about Thanos(Marvel Comics) he is one of the must powerful villains of his universe and want to fulfill one single goal…conquer the heart of the death(yes the material representation of the death ia a woman) so to fulfill this goal he destroy galaxies, planets, lives but in the end he always fail but why…inside of him he knows that he don’t merit all that power and see fulfill his goal…soo I think that sometimes the problem is that ourselves subconsciously don’t believe that.merit be our goal fulfil or have insecurities or fears about it.

Well it’s all, don’t forget give me your opinion about my theory and all the best for all of you guys

This is a very good question deep down as it emphasises something that we all need and at times, struggle to obtain, which is self esteem. Without this we could quite easily battle ahead doing whatever it takes to achieve our goals and still fail…Why?

Is it because the spirits don’t wish to help us, well sometimes this is the truth, especially when we are asking for the wrong reasons as this will tend to give out a ‘false call’ … but what about when we truly do want something with all our heart and it seems to be above what we feel we deserve, or merit?

Many people suffer like this because they don’t like who they are, they feel beneath others and therefore not good enough. So even with believe in our abilities to succeed (confidence), we can still lack this love we need for our self. In this scenario, we could still fail because we tend to think that we don’t deserve these things, so we sabotage our own efforts either knowingly, or it happens deep down within our minds.

This inferiority that we feel is caused by comparisons more than anything else, which is absolutely wrong to do as we are all individual and this is the secret. We really must stop comparing ourselves against other people as everyone is unique, some will always be better or more suited to certain things than we are and likewise, you will always be better at some things than many others. Once this is understood and accepted than our inferiority will disperse as we will no longer compare ourselves to others, and therefore start to recognise our own individuality instead.

We need to understand our strengths and know our weaknesses even more so we can make better use of our abilities and accept where it could be more easier to fail. When we accept our individuality we start to learn about who we are and show more respect towards ourselves. This of cause makes us feel better and more worthy. This will also allow us to set more suitable goals that are still challenging and still worthy, but in alignment with who we really are and what we really want. This doesn’t mean accepting second best either, it just means we allow ourselves to step back a little and take a good look at the picture of our life, make better choices before we jump back in and enjoy the ride.

The Black Magician has usually gone through alot of pain and suffering to make him* who he is, which is a highly creative individual who recognisers his own worth and abilities. This happens by getting rid of all the controlling factors, not to mention all those people close to him who judge him as there’s nothing more debilitating than bad relationships. These can eat away at our self esteem more than anything else in my opinion.

The Black Magician is very powerful as he has faith in the spirits to help him achieve whatever he wants. He would never ask for something without being prepared to do whatever it takes himself because he knows the spirits will provide a way. All this however happens because he is unique, not in competition with others but just exercising his own ability to be himself. To know thyself is one of the greatest truths to obtain as through this, we become somebody which can only happen as an individual.

To finish this post, I would say that we can have whatever we want in this world, but we must also accept those things which we can’t have. This can simply be because we are not ready for them yet, or they could indeed cause us harm in ways we are not aware of but as for anything else, we are all deserving and worthy of anything as we are one of a kind and simply unique, so to try and compare yourself with someone else is a complete waste of time. Until this happens though, the ‘individual’ may still feel like a batch of products off a conveyer belt in a factory, or below certain people, or at loggerheads with others so he feels the need to prove himself when in reality, there is no need as he is indeed ‘a one off

*Please excuse my use of the masculine when Infact, I’m referring to both genders as there’s no difference in their worth or abilities…safe journeys

It’s proxy syndrome. Everything requires your attention to exist. If you’re attention is always fixated on your goal, it creates a proxy version of your desire. Technically, you already have it, so your magic doesn’t need to create it.