The tender mercies of the demonic

This might help inspire some budding magicians. I hope so. So, learning the Left Hand Path came at a really “need to learn” time in my life. People were trying to hex me and I had to fight back. (BTW…for you RHP mages and various orders that don’t like E.A. making open magic videos, Where the HELL where you at to help me during this time???)

Anyway, I don’t even KnoW who to thank. Sastan? Enkidorat? Sakatos, etc.??? (probably someone from the Kingdoms of Flame) But even after all of the battles were over and I had moved on, I still had visions pop up, continuing to give me insight as to the whereabouts and activities and mindset of my enemies. I even had explanations of why things went down the way that they did. Sometimes I received visions that indicated that they kinda knew stuff was going on with me. Sometimes I received visions of what my enemies would ThinK and how they would react to me.
I could not tell if I was being cursed. But WHY would someone CURSE me in order to tell on…themselves? And there was never a threat or anything. I didn’t know. So, I took some non-magical revenge on my enemies but nothing changed, either for better or worse. However, I did feel great and my confidence increased.

I took my sigil that I had made for the kingdoms of flame (made in black and red - contrary to the instructions-the seal of the sorcerer) and covered it up with black cloth, and set it in my closet, thanking spirits for their help in times past, but assuring them that I had ZeRO time for evocation. The visions stopped…weeks went by and still nothing…

I took the sigil from my closet and wanted it to … “decorate” my room. I set it in my room and that night, I felt a surge of power to encourage me and give me confidence. Woah! That next day, I was at the gym, and I felt all my confidence being stripped from me in an instant. I was confused. It had been literally months since I did an evocation and I knew nobody was fucking with me. Was someone trying to harm me all of a sudden?

Feeling frustrated, I burned the sigil and felt a sense of peace. It dawned on me later that the entities were trying to show me that all that had happened was of MY own power, that I was not only successful, but they were committed to waking me up to my own power, even if that meant shaking me up in order to take me to the next level, like re-braking an arm because it grew back wrong. I had allowed the entities of the Kingdoms of Flame to live in my life, but never cleared the astral field. E.A. WarneD of this but I had forgotten.

Now, I will never doubt my ability to harness the powers of godhood. The entities took, even my FUck UP, and used it to help me see what I could be with their aid.

I created a new seal of the sorcerer and started to run into some problems like this again and IMMEDIATLY commanded the powers to return to the sigil and not fuck with me. They showed respect and did as I wished. Lesson learned. Now to build on what I have learned…

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