The Symbol of Sulfur / Leviathan Cross

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I am a bit absorbed in researching this symbol. I have done a bit of an internet search and also looked in the “Works of Darkness” to re-read the explanation therein but wondered if anyone on here has any interesting insights as to the symbology within the … er… symbol.

As far as I can comprehend and have internalised, this is an infinity symbol with a double armed cross on top. The double armed cross exists by way of perverting the regular Christian cross and also making it more about “man” than spirit and that is why there are two horizontal arms as opposed to just the one?

But why does the stand-alone double armed cross have the shorter arm underneath - and here the shorter arm is the higher arm?

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Guess it depends but i always thought is symbolised 5 heads of the dragon, since leviathan has a close connection to tiamat.

Edit: Before i’m mobbed with people saying Leviathan has 7 heads, which originally is true, but apparently Yahwah cut off two heads and they became Lilith & Samael.


Im not totally sure but Azazel had me put the doubled armed cross in my circle. The one he gave me the designs for. So Im sure it must have an importance. I just trust Azazel so much that I have never asked him about it.
But in my circle it is also mirrored. Like the trees. You know as above so below.


The Alchemical symbol for Sulfur was not seen as an infernal symbol prior to its use by the Church of Satan in the 1960s.
Alchemists saw it as the three primes or tria prima – one of the three primary building blocks for life: Mercury (spirit) Salt (base matter or body) Sulfur (soul).

Anton LeVey,(Ever the showman) mocked the Christian notion of hell with fire and brimstone. Brimstone is just another name for sulphur, so LeVey hijacked the symbol for looking bad-ass and incorporated it into his Satanic symbols for rebellion.


Haha, yes I think so too. I have this symbol tattooed on my sternum. It looks bad-ass for sure. When I’m out on the beach people give me either the stink-eye or keep away. Its hilarious!

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I wonder why Yberioth’s posts have been withdrawn? Also on other threads too? I was enjoying his input lol.

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Me too, MichealSeeker. He is deleting lots of his posts. Maybe it’s an ephemeral aspect of his self.

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As for me the symbol seem very pregnant with the concept of Alchemical V.I.T.R.I.O.L.

Me too. I saw replies to his posts, but not his actual post.

Anyway, do you remember what he said?

No clue sorry

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This cross is My cross…I AM AYLOHIM.It is a key to who I am.My Birthday in this life is 1-1-84 …It says I’ll be H8ted and it says 400 years of slavery is now over.William Shakespear would say 2B or not 2B that is the question and it means 2infinty and beyond.I AM THE ARCH OF GOD AND THE PERFECT WILL.THE WHOLE SPIRIT.MIND BODY AND SOUL.MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE AND HERE TO REIGN AS KING ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN…BLESS U AND SPREAD THE WORD