The Summer of Fallen Angels

It has been a minute since I’ve posted here at all.

I don’t even remember what I said last.

To jump in, I am surrounded by Angels. :joy:
Angels of all varieties, but oh buddy. This is gonna be rambly but in the future I will add to it with better clarity.

So Michael has been in my life for as long as Incan remember, and Raphael for quite some time now as well.

Raphael and Michael also helped lead me to the left hand path with Lucifer.
Fast forward some, and Azazel and Samael continue to pop up in my life. In some circles I see them as aspects or faces of Lucifer, and in others entirely their own. So many names and faces and things overlap.
But the common theme that keeps coming to me is that I really attract angels and especially fallen and dark angels.

Even Cassiel gives me strongly removed/dark energy, but in a very “his own way,” way lol.

Anyway. Michael was leading me back to the video V.K. did about him, and I’ve ended up running through the angelic magick video series altogether. :joy:

It’s just a whole lot at once.
I’ve worked with Lilith and Hecate forever, and they always end up weaving into everything else.
I keep finding myself feeling so at home around these energies and it’s lovely.

I feel like my attention is being guided toward developing my energy work further with the assistance of a lot of angels and demons. I feel like every night I am speaking to people and can’t quite remember it in the morning.

Basically since I’ve been on here last I’ve been working with my guides and shit has been picking up. I’m back to work at a job i really like while also getting more customers consistently for my side business.


Props to you for your work with Archangels

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Thank you!

So a little of topic but your name is in my favorite game Briginadine a 91 PlayStation 1 video game Soleil was a commoner that the leader of the Egesis Empire like adopted he was lvl 14 of 30 clerick but had the third most rune power of anyone in the kingdom having like 312 he came after the king and queen, I love this game it’s a hex grid turn based strategy game where ever knight has rune power " each monster had a rune cost a newbie dragon was 75. And a rune area how many hexs away from the knight the monsters could go and remain at full strength. So it took items for evolution but you could get Lucifer a serraphin Loki Thor Tiamat Fenrir but honestly besides a monster like Lucifer who can cast meteor doom the most useful monster was a fairy a low health no attack fragile character once the pixie hit lvl 10 and evolved to a fairy they got react which gave another character a second movement that turn, would allow for Lucifer to move into position then just to nuke your entire enemy force. The game is so fucking fun for any console game I’ve played it the most. Brigandine the legend of forsena. Anyways just figured you’d like to know your name was a very useful knight not strong himself but the amount of monsters he could bring with him was increadable. The game is super rare like 10 years ago it was over 100 bucks for a copy of the game. But can emulator download for free. The Japanese version had more evolutions and some changes to it like a fairy also had lightning. I miss this game lol.

Sorry bother again about the game just wanted to mention my name is actually a varient from the Game I took the Ice king of the North and changed it from Vaynard to Vaynord. I actually use almost all of my character names from the game Cador is the highest level knight in the game he is the death Knight and uses a giant axe and can use curse he is Zemekis’s right hand man. I use the name Brangien alot for females characters it’s Vaynard ousin who if was male I believe would have been in charge of the country instead. Anyways sorry to talk about a video game and derail your angel conversation, I’ve had difficulties with angels just wanting to kick it if they show up in my minds eye they seem like they want to leave as soon as I’m done saying what my purpose of calling to them is well at least the guardian angel who presides over my birthdate. So who would you say has appeared as the most beautiful in there angelic form with wings and all? Myself they seem to always have a good on so yea can’t quite give a good judge yet.

Thank you for sharing!