The Subjectivity of Sorcery

Subjectivity Is The Core Of All Magickal Traditions… Our Most Beloved Concepts Like Know Thyself Directly Oppose Objectivity… This Understanding Is Key For True Refinement Of Magick!!!

Out of all the things I am known for in the occult communities the thing that always comes first is my emphasis on the individual over the collective. This has become such a dominating factor of my work even my own slogan “stay true & stay awesome” reflects on its important core. The reason for this is my understanding of how subjectivity and objectivity operates within our magickal work. When I ask myself questions such as how is it that great results are achieved through magick? Or, how is that consistent results are achieved through magick? The key factor always comes back to the practitioners understanding and then implementation of subjectivity.

There are very few things in magick that are objective. Of course, there are some fundamental principles but for the majority of magickal work, it is very subjective. The reason for this is magicks relation to the individual. We have all heard the quote “what works for me, may not work for you” and this quote holds more truth than most realize. Each of us have a different psychological make up, and in ritual work that is exactly what we are utilizing. Many of the reasons why certain traditions work for those in them is because the symbolism involved speaks to their own subconscious mind and its associations. But ever persons mind is different.

Not Everyone Associates The Rose With Love… Not Everyone Associates The Colour Green With Money… Magickal Stimuli Is All Subjective!!!

Each magickal tradition has its own set of symbolisms, as well their own ritual set ups and steps. These symbols, set ups and steps are meant to feed into your subconscious mind allowing it to manifest the desired result. The problem with this, is that no tradition can cater to every single person. This is because of subjectivity, every single symbol and indeed concept is subjective when it comes to dealing with the subconscious. Let’s give a broader example. Every Christian will tell you they believe in God, that is an objective concept. But if you ask them what is god? You are very likely to hear differing answers. This is because of subjectivity.

Magick is on this subjective wavelength. The more detailed we observe something the more subjective it becomes, the more personal it becomes. This is why things like mythology and poetry are very dependent upon our interpretations of it. All rituals tools and symbols are simply stimuli for the subconscious. Many practitioners focus on what a tradition tells them they need to include rather than exploring what their own subconscious mind needs. One ritual might tell you to use this specific colour because it represents this… but what happens if your subconscious (which you are appealing to) does not associate those two things? Well then it has to be changed. It is because of this that subjectivity is so important. Looking to what works for you rather than what someone says works for them. This is why Knowing Thyself is so important. It doesn’t mean know who you are, but rather know what works for your own needs.