The Structure of the Souls or Spirits

One thing I have always been interested in is the structure of a soul or spirit. My concept is a soul or spirit is a flow of energy. For example, a soul is like a riverbed in the universe where energy naturally flows. This flow of energy is caused by a spirit’s natural pull of energy to and from it. Overtime, this flow creates a path in the universe where this energy naturally flows into.

What concepts do you have about the structures of souls or spirits?


I go along with some theories, for example if I remember well someone believes that the astral body is made of neutrinos, this may be a start for what concerns the composition of spirits.
Another person defined them as, I’m not sure, either force fields or magnetic fields. And Agrippa spent a bit digressing on which elements form them; about this point it’s useful to keep in mind the symbolic nature of water, air etc. and that the elements may be physical or astral, and so on. Since earth may be identified with gravitational force, an entity made (even only partially) of earth would have a sort of spiritual gravity… Such a correspondence may be established on the basis of that entity being related, for example, to an “earthy” planet like Saturn.

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