The soul of talismans

In many writings there is mention of amulets, talismans, swords, and even shields which hold a soul or spirit. Also many people suggest contacting the spirit of your tool.

My question is, “what exactly is the soul of talismans or tools etc?” Is it a spirit that took up home in the talisman or is it something similar to egregore that was formed by the energy of the person making said item. Any clarification?

They seem to be souls which enter the object during its manufacture, like the human soul enters a baby in stages during gestation, being mostly fully housed by the end of the first trimester.

Sometimes they seem able to see ahead, and will call to you - I got a thing to randomly search for a specific type of ring on eBay, and one called to me that I could not get out of my mind, for days, but then later it proved important to a specific major working.

I had no, as in zero, previous knowledge about that type of gemstone beforehand, and no idea it would become linked to this work, which I did not foresee!

However just as your organs have spirits of their own, so the gemstones, metals, paper, or other materials used also have simpler souls of their own, and this is why blessing the makings, before creating a talisman or other tool, is useful.

Pro-tip: send out a call for the spirits of powerful objects which have been lost or buried long ago, when making your own tools, to have access to the tools of past masters of the art, and even to enter objects like phones before you buy them, so they don’t blow up on you when there’s a lot of spiritual energy going the rounds.


Interesting! And yea ive been looking for a certain necklace talismam amulet thingy for general protection but also for some other workings. This was a great read and i have it saved to my notes. Thank you!

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As @Lady_Eva so aptly said, some objects do have their own souls. Even in New Age circles, they will talk about how certain crystals or ritual implements will call out to the practitioner.

Sometimes, however, spirits are either trapped, or they will willingly choose to enter, objects. There were sword smiths in ancient Japan, for example, that magically infused their blades with the soul or essence of a spirit while they were being forged. Such blades were very sought after.

In the book Path Notes of An American Ninja Master, the author, Glenn Morris, recounts his experience with a possessed blade that he chanced upon in a garage sale. Every time he tried to clean it, the sword would cut him, until he put it in a place of honour in his home. Once he honoured the spirit of the blade, it willingly worked for him, and when observing them in action, the ninja grand master remarked, “Who is the wielder? Is Morris wielding the sword, or is the sword wielding Morris?”


Interesting. Do you think that in theory the same could be made into guns. As its a weapon and is manufactured, meaning that in theory one could place a spirit or soul into the gun. This is very interesting. Any thoughts on how to contact the entity in these items?

Yes, it is quite possible. The only thing is, guns are generally mass produced, which means placing a spirit into one would have to be done after the manufacturing process, in a similar manner to how we consecrate objects, whereas a sword was traditionally forged by hand, so the magick was part of its very creation, not a separate thing.


Interesting. A side hobby of mine is gunsmithing so like working on guns and such, and ive been wanting to create my own revolver (actually not that tough). This would be an interesting endeavor to go through and imbue the gun with a soul. Hm.

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Personally I don’t believe objects have souls, souls can be bound to objects or enter them, but naturally having one no. This is also a weird idea in the more tumblrite otherkin community where people claim they were once forks, spoons, cars, toilet paper rolls, to me it’s ridiculous unless placed there by another be it fragmented from the owner intentionally or unintentionally or a soul choosing to inhabit it.

I put a fragment of mine in a tree etherically as an experiment but also in an etheric weapon.


I appreciated this topic. I’ve been considering doing this to some wands I’ll be making. So, thanks for bringing it up.


Yea im skeptical of EVERYTHING having a soul but in a bunch of old tales there was mention of souls in swords and such. Its an interesting topic though. My personal thought which makes sense to me is either people put a spirit or soul into an object or a spirit or soul takes house in an object.

To be fair, @Velenos, animism, the belief that everything has an animating spirit, is a very old one, and is one held by most indigenous peoples around the world.

Soul is, I think, technically a Western religious term, denoting the supposedly immortal spirit of a person. Most modern people use spirit and soul interchangeably though.


Yea thats why i kept saying spirit or soul as i know they are different but was unsure of which one was correct. Thank you for clarifying

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me and some friends have “soul bound weapons” which we got the idea from various Gods and Goetia who have weapons bound to them that almost seem like they have soul’s attached to them but it’s more that their essences flow through the weapon.

The weapon I put a fragment of mine into temporarily did develop in a way that seemed very different from say a soul you, I, an animal, etc would have, it was weird but I didn’t keep it long enough to see how far it would go before re-assimilating it.

I tend to view soul and spirit synonymously since that’s how it’s viewed in the dictionary, I never formed my own idea around it as of yet but in terms of animism more in terms of nature rocks, trees, and such as opposed to a fork, a toaster, a car, and such


I guess a big difference would be something like a truck has a bunch of smaller materials making it up such as oil metal and plastic etc and something like a sword or talisman is usually more of one or two items. With like most subjects it seems to be blurred somewhat

I mean some view blood as containing the spirit of a person and killing developed the spirit of a weapon from bits and pieces of those it has killed lol interesting either way.


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Less talking about magic and more doing it

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