The Skilled Man

Appreciate any input, thanks a bunch!

This is an extremely condensed version of an event that took place several months ago. Recounted to me a week ago. I heard this firsthand from the man involved.

A man meets a group of people with whom he shares many common interests. Some time passes (He believes it to be about 5 weeks) and he is invited to an evening function at the home of someone he has never met, another member of the group, a person he calls “The Skilled Man”.

It is at this function that he is taken to a room within the home and is shown an old wooden cabinet. From this cabinet “The Skilled Man” produces something that looks like a doll. This doll was about as long as a man’s arm, reminded him of the statues of the virgin Mary but did not have the solid appearance of a statue and its face was completely black, it had no facial features that he could see.

I asked what he meant by the virgin Mary and he said that the doll was veiled and draped like you would see her. He said that “The Skilled Man” was holding the doll out towards him, gesturing for him to take or touch it, he panicked and feeling uncomfortable he hesitated and the “The Skilled Man” withdrew the doll.

He says “The Skilled Man” put the doll back into the cabinet and then explained to him that the doll is a representation and also a vessel for a deity he called the Dark Mother.
He explained to him that the entire doll is composed of fetish marks ( Blood, nails, hair etc ) and fetish items (clothes, handwriting etc) that belong to an actual living woman.

He goes on to explain the rest of the evenings goings on but I’ll stop it up to that point. So heres what i understand from talking further with him on this. This doll is used during evocation as a vessel for a female deity called the Dark Mother. Offerings are made to this deity when it is present within the vessel, offerings are also made to this deity when it is static upon the altar within the cabinet. This doll is made up of fetishes that are from an actual living human. So the doll is not only representative of the deity but also of this woman.

I was told that during evocation when the deity is present within the doll it, because of the fetishes that the doll is composed of has influence over the human woman in many ways. The woman is influenced by whatever is inhabiting the vessel. Also, when the vessel is static, “The Skilled Man” uses it to exert influence over this woman in other ways.

“The Skilled Man” and the group believe that this deity is a god AND they also believe that because the deity and the woman share the vessel and are linked through its energy that she too is godlike and so offerings are made to her through this deity.

I’m more confused now than when I first heard it but I get what he was trying to tell me. I’ve never heard of anything like this, at least not in any ‘modern’ setting I can think of. What, if any, is the aim here? Ideas? I need to see this for myself of course. One thing I’m not sure of, I don’t recall if he said the woman was aware of any of this or not. But I’ll find out more.

Any and all thoughts are welcome!

African has more deep histories of tis, voodo too. Hoodo. Fetishes ir mojo bags, but most of wat i read fetishs is able to do by words, or offerings, such u hyrt a voido doll and tnk of man. Or hurt persons, but this guys are able to hypnotize ther objets bia astral. Mental link.


@zorrito interesting!