The Sigil

Is there anyone who can see or feel the energy of this sigil? Thanks for those who will gonna make a comment

This feels…busy… Not sure if that’s good or bad. I also don’t feel like it’s a singular aspect and doesn’t feel like a singular entity, either. I feel like there are three or four things happening, though I don’t know what they are right now. Still sick, so I’m not going much further.


Seems to me like many entities corresponding in this sigil, not a singular entity though I have a feeling of some dark entities, did you channel it or create it just from your mind?

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Thanks for your comment hope you can see this again once you get well. Stay safe norse♥️


Thankyou. Well while im doing it, i ask my godself to guide me to do his sigil. And thats the result

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Wellppp… it does something so that’s all I’ve got to say about that. It’s doing something to me right now actually. Cool

What do you mean it does something to you? Lol

Whenever I look at the sigil and open myself up to it, it starts doing something. Whichever spirits are involved do something. I don’t have much more than that. I’ll look again later on once I’m more prepared for investigating it.

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It seems to me that whoever is involved with it will be finding new levels of balance as the result of having it operating in and through them.

Grounding may be necessary, but the spirits involved help out with it via opening up pathways for energy removals.

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Do you mean this sigil will help the owner?
And these spirits help the owner for negative energy? What kind of spirits or entity you can see brother?

but the spirits involved help out with it via opening up pathways for energy removals.

And may i know what theyre doing to you? Once you open up yourself on that sigil

Not necessarily would I be able to narrow it down to something that would apply to anyone else because of the planetary influences which appear to me as the overall theme.

You’re the channel so it does to me what it carries through your planetary placements. It does to other people whatever they permit it to. It does to you what it’s already done. It’s activating your sense of empowerment and personal gifting as planetary powers tend to often be for us.

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So basically you mean the purpose of this sigil is to help the host in his life or get awakened in occult?

Any advice on how to use this sigil?

Maybe charge it with some solar energy by leaving it weighted down in the sunlight.

You would likely benefit from using it in the more traditional ways as well, and I’m sure there are plenty of sigil activation and usage methods here if you used the search function, but I generally channel mine as you’ve done. You may burn anything as a sort of offering to the elementals or the spiritual beings who guard you and mentor you while the sigils are being charged. You may also anoint them with oils.

One thing you might want to utilize is a solar oriented or other kind of gemstone or mineral, because if you’re going to weigh it down with solar powered activation in mind, then you could add to the vibration with a crystal or stone correspondence. You might gaze into it and call for your spiritual guides to let you perceive what its purpose was.

Once you’ve done this you could either place it somewhere where you’ll only see it peripherally on and off, or place it somewhere special abd out of sight completely. Perhaps at some point you may become intuitively directed to use it in some way that’s more specific or significant towards its created purposes, such as burning it or giving it to someone important like a mentor or some love interest who’s into spiritual gift giving.

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This is informative really appreciate it thanks veritas♥️

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Many blessings and don’t forget to have an open mind.

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