The Shocking Evocation of Prince Sitri

5/25/20 - 10PM - SEA

Around 9pm i was reading about a the book about awakening the Third Eye and some chakra system called The Art Of Seeing - Nathaniel and i learned that to see in the minds eye is basically just visualization but it was explained more in the book that its more than that and I’ve learned some things that changed the way i see things

Then i charged up my chakras and got ready to evoke. The demon i was going to evoke was prince sitri. I’ve used this sigil for a few weeks now and charged it alot

I can safely assume I’ve evoked and invoked the prince more than 20 times in total and i believe that has created a bond between us.

My astral senses are still under development and i still cannot hear and talk to spirits on my normal state, however i can see and talk to them when i invoke them and in deep meditation of them and in the brink of sleep, i find myself talking and seeing the spirit in my minds eye

Ok so after i was done charging, i decided to grab Prince Sitris sigil inside my bag. My bag has alot of paper and books which my hand could land on but when i reached to grab the very first thing my hand got was the Sigil.

I’m a guy that believes in Power in Belief, so when i realize i just grabbed the sigil like that i knew the Prince wanted me to evoke him

So anyways i checked the time, it just turned 10pm. I opened the sigil and started gazing and not 20 seconds in it started flashing (Have used this sigil alot and charged alot but some days it just dont charge)

When it flashed i started chanting his enn: Lirach Alora Vefa Sitri. and not long i felt the air pulse!


I felt very strong energy pulse on my closet and when i said the Prince’s enn 3 more times i felt the closet emit 3 pulses then suddenly IT OPENED BEFORE ME AND I WAS SO SHOCKED!

I WAS SO SCARED BUT HAPPY AT THE SAME TIME but i knew if i stop I’d waste this opportunity

I immediately thanked him for coming and stated my wish, and after another few thanks i closed the ritual.

Then… I was just sitting on my bed feeling cold and hot, scared and happy at the same time

This happened before but it was with Marbas when i used the 72 DOM by winterfield on my phone, this time this was a paper sigil i drawn myself and Prince Sitris energy was even more shocking!

I will update this when the day my wish manifests

Again i thank you Prince Sitri for finally making your presence known to me! Hail Sitri


Update 5/26/20

Last night i felt gushes of wind blowing at me even tho the AC was at a distance

Around 2-3 am 5/27/20 i went on YouTube
i was thinking on doing another evocation but i was thinking i shouldn’t overdo it and trust the process

at that time i keep getting recommendations on YouTube about Prince Sitri and informations about him.

At the corners of my eyes i keep seeing flashes and movements but i guess it was only my imaginations and even though it was real I’d be relaxed knowing Prince Sitri is doing the job.

Will update soon!


Nice. Pleased that you are having new experiences in consciousness.!


That sounds like a positive sign. :butterfly:

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Sounds like a nice journal, I’ll move it to the appropriate section.

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what’s ur success rate working with Prince Sitri till now would u say?

Long ago I’d say 50/50 or less, because i could only feel cold wind and let my mind be overcomed with negativity and think i was talking to myself. Then i realized he was always there, he was the cold wind i kept feeling in places wind wont normally go. then i confirmed it when i finally felt the strong shock and the feeling someone was there, i then realize he always came 100% of the time i called. Regarding this spell its still on going atm but its still showing results that ill update later.

sorry i should’ve been more specific. I meant the success rate of getting what you ask of him to do… done.

id say he’d always deliver. Though not in the way i wanted but he changes stuff 100% of the time maybe subtle and unnoticeable if you dont pay attention

still, if you always get… the naughty things you want from him… from others… i suppose that’s pretty good.
There are some people i’ve been watching from a distance for a while now… might give Prince Sitri a call…

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