The seventh gate of lucifer

Soo a few days ago… I was dreaming about a gate in hell… It wasnt iron but it was so hard to reach.
The gate contained 7 circles.
Al of them was on fire… Until every circle stopped and three of them started to be on fire again.
A few months i had the same dream but it was 3 circles or talismans was burning as i was pointing above.
Now 6 of them are now on fire and the gate opened so i can pass throw it…
I saw the true form of every one… The truly beautiful form.
Scary but powerful.
I felt happy That i was among them.
I was hearing hail the long waited master.
And lucifer name repeated in my mind after that i was standing infront of a throne… He was having a face so close to goat but not a goat. I remember the face and colors.
I felt his love towards me and i think that love was a love of a father and a son.
So i was on his left and was sitting on a throne too.
After that i woke up just looking around in the form.
And found that
Every while someone post about the third gate… The fourth the fifths the sixth and finally the seventh gate and lucifer reached the final gate…
So does anyone have any clues for what on earth is happening?.