The Seven Deadly Sins and Manifestation

I’ve done several spells and what I’ve noticed is that the strength of my desire is what makes or breaks the spell. I did a simple candle magic towards a target that I’m angry at and funneled the rage into the candle flames and it flared up like mad.

But when I tried other, less “acute” desires it’s hard to see something like that happen. Maybe that’s the reason we have to “borrow” the energy of demons/angels/other entities as a lever to catapult our desire to higher planes?

It got me thinking that maybe meditating on the Seven Deadly Sins would be a good way to increase the energy level of the desire to where it would be strong enough to be imprinted in the subconscious?

For example if you want to do a lust spell:
Lust: obviously you want to use the partner as an object to satisfy your carnal lust
Pride: You want to post pics with the partner and you want word to go around that you are desirable and people want to have sex with you
Envy: The woman/man belongs to someone else who doesn’t deserve them because you deserve to have that person and you will have them no matter what
Anger: You’re angry because you haven’t had good sex in a while and you deserve to have good sex whenever you want it

Basically the more of the Seven Deadly Sins you can summon in the ritual the more energy you give to the desire to manifest.

I think this is also the reason why curses are so effective because the pure rage being generated is usually comprised of more than one of the deadly sins.



Sex magick, that’s what I like.
Got some asshole you’re pissed at?
Hate Fuck them.

I like to take powerful aphrodisiacs, like:
Bulgarian Trib 100 mg,
50 mg Zinc
No smoking or chewing tobacco, or sex for 3 days.
6 small meals thru out the day, 3 of those meals a can of tuna fish. Lift heavy weights, eat protein and hydrate.
Take these herbs and watch a lot of porn.

The sunflower lecithin is a volume enhancer, take 2 gelcaps 5 times thru out the day, when you jizz you will cum like spider man shooting web all over the damn place, you will make a huge goddamn mess.

These herbs will enchant your magick wand for the most powerful magick. You may have to go 8-10 rounds to get all the urges out. Find an exceptional goddess that can at least handle you. Most mortal women cannot compete with me. Younger women can usually go a couple hours, crones don’t last very long, one orgasm and they’re wanting to take a break and brag to all their sisters, which can be good. Shit, find a coven and fuck them all. One big orgy.

Hit me up if you in the Houston area.

Also invoke/evoke the gods of Fuck.


yikes… the coven is a good idea though I’ll do a spell to find one soon

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not sure how this thread became a sex tips thread but good stuff bro thanks


By incorporating some sex magick.