The Sentience of Spirits

So when a magician is in need of help, the person summons a spirit. A demon, an angel or a totally different spirit.
Then from what I read they state that they worked with the specific spirit and requested or commanded something from it and that’s end somewhere around that.
For experienced magicians they would understand the process and how it usually kinda goes but as a beginner for me it does not, mostly confusing as well.

Most rituals and spells it states to bring forth a specific spirit or by choice and tell them what you want or command it, but it just simply seems weird to me. Don’t they have feelings and a mind as humans or sentient beings do? Yes, sometimes you’ll have to give something in return but sometimes you just straight up ask or command it. (Respectfully of course)

To me it feels like you’re just going up to a stranger and commanding the person to do your bidding. ‘‘I request from the X spirit (let’s say this) that my job application is accepted. Thank you for listening and I hereby dismiss you now.’’

I’d like to know how it exactly goes and explanations because it’s hard to wrap my head around it.
Also, correct me if I’m totally wrong.

Well your intuition is right… You’ll benefit a lot by building a relationship with the spirit… But can, also get, to ask and get Sth depending on how the entity analyses you

The thing is that I don’t get and need confirmation about is that you actually just summon a spirit and tell it what to do and say it can go and hope it will do what you said or is there something I’m completely missing

They do.

Never command a spirit. That’s rude.
A spirit that you choose to evoke is your friend. Treat them with respect as if they were your family. Then speak out your needed request to them politely.

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Well, at first, you two would be strangers but as the friendly relation grows then you two would be friends depending on how the term goes and how you treat them.

Just my two cents tho. :man_shrugging:t2:

Well some people fucked up then

Yet you’re still asking a stranger, especially the first time evoking.

Perhaps it’s a silly and stupid question

You maybe stupid hhhhh, But a spirit never is.

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They don’t really command they ask and the being either does it or doesn’t, I tend to find “magicians” who think they can command other entities because they’re practitioners or because “wE hUmAnS aRe tHe OpErAtOrS” is nonsense.

These beings have free will and some will keep it business and some will form deeper bonds.

An entity can be just as ignorant as we can.


Velenos coming in with them facts

You go, bro :ok_hand:

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I’m a boy.


That explains a lot, for example in old grimoires, you see the caster tell you ‘‘Command the spirit’’ etc.
But that explains a lot, appreciated!

Well done fam

You played yourself

Just my two cents as someone with companion spirits and entities, I never “command” them, they are asked politely if they would help out and aren’t expected to do anything if they don’t want to, although giving offerings seems to make almost anyone more agreeable no?
Long story short, yes they have thoughts and feelings, just like us.

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