The Secret Of The Sun {What I learned About Sorath}

The Secret of The Sun is that it has no secrets.

It displays it’s burning light and heat on everyone whether they are racist, gay, straight, pansexual, Christian, Buddhist, Satanist, or the like.

It doesn’t care about whether they love it or hate it because all it does is continue to shine in all it’s glory.

Sorath showed me this a few weeks ago as I was sitting at my cubicle helping people with their health insurance (boring as fuck trust me).

I had to then make the decision to continue to shine as the Sun, as we all must do.

Which I did.

So in light of that, what I am about to say is not aimed at anyone on here or off here. It’s simply a declaration to myself, of myself, for myself. (But of course if the shoe fits then Wear that bitch like it’s no tomorrow.) I honestly don’t care who sees it or what their/y’all’s opinions of it/are. It’s for my own Evilution :metal:

My Personal Declaration
I will continue to shine like the Sun delivering all I am to everyone in my Sphere known and unknown in full power and glory. I will nourish my self and my purpose with my Light and will incenerate all those who stand in my way.

To those who have supported me and continue to do so(including Gods and spirits):
Thank you. I couldn’t have made it this far without you guys :metal:
We will Ascend together and Illuminate this Galaxy and the world’s beyond and we will become Living God’s on Earth and reign.

We will win this war and continue to win many wars. Our Ancestors lost many battles over the centuries, but they did not lose the war :smiling_imp:

To those who hate, despise, laugh, talk mad shit, and actively work against me:
Thank you for serving me and my growth thus far. Your hate…your anger…the shit and lies you spread behind you back (like I don’t know lol) only serve to make me stronger. The curses you throw…the interference with my work…only acts as the fertilizer I need for my shit I’m Involved in to grow powerful beyond measure. It may look like I’m buried, but honey look:

I am simply absorbing the Earth’s power and your hate and preparing for a RESSURECTION.

And rest assured…I will destroy you and add to my body count. You are stronger than me, yes, but only in some areas. :smiling_imp:

Continue to serve me, continue to give me your power, continue to give me your curses, your thoughts, your energy, your LIFE, and watch your own self Destruction unfold before your eyes.

I will continue teaching, whilst staying humble.
I will continue leading and developing others, while I develop myself.
I will continue doing what I have to do regardless of whether or not anyone supports it or tries to interfere.

I will continue being the Destructive, but wise, Demon God I am until all I see that needs to be reaped is reaped.

My Evolution will continue, our Ascent will continue, and none shall stop it.
And this Ego of mine…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
You haven’t seen anything yet. It doesn’t like to go down in the flames kicking and screaming, but it does.

You must have a strong Ego in order to walk this path. Humility has it’s place, but it is not the means to an end.

I hold myself to this. Giving myself unto myself, Eternal.



I almost threw up. I thought the title said secret of math :joy::joy:


:+1: :+1: :+1:

Truly, the best way to piss people off is just to carry on being you, never take things personally, and live your life being cheerful and having fun. It drives people who have a bug up their ass absolutely fucking insane. :smiling_imp: