The Screw 2020 Candle

I got asked about my Screw 2020 candle I was going to light to get rid of the negative attachments I’ve accumulated internally from this past year. I wasn’t planning on doing anything like this, but the thought came about and I couldn’t get rid of it. So, here we go.

I grabbed a black candle and carved 2020 on it. I grabbed it with both hands and called out (internally) to myself, “Bring forth all of the negative attachments, energy, and thoughts I’ve accumulated and not gotten rid of this year.” I gave it a minute or two to come to the surface.

I then sent all of it into the candle. All of the emotions, mental pictures, residual stress…all of it. I sent it into the candle and started feeling a lot lighter as it left.

I then searched for any attachments from that negativity and plucked them from me. I sent them into the candle, too, until I couldn’t feel any remaining.

I then thought that I should “seal” them into the candle, so I blew on it and formed an energy shield around it. The intent for the shield was to prevent it from coming back to me, but allow the negativity to be burnt away with the candle. I don’t know why I thought I should do this, but I did.

I lit the candle and it is about halfway done at this point. I put in some pictures in one of my journal feeds. They aren’t spectacular but effective workings can be simple.


Thank you, awesome! Happy new years brother


Thanks, man, you too.


Thinking about doing something like that myself…

Although I feel like if I did it would unintentionally bring about 2020:The Sequel.


Those would be some big shoes to fill…


Or course, with the sociopolitical atmosphere heading into 2021, we might just get 2020:The Sequel without any of us having to do anything to kick it off.


Maybe, but I don’t really buy into all the doom-and-gloom.