The Saga Begins

So I have been lurking this forum now for a couple of weeks and I have been planning on signing up for a while and yet “TheSaga” was the coolest name I could come up with uhhh.

I’m not too sure how to tell my story

because it is long!

I don’t know where to begin.

Do I start 15-20K BCE? or do I go back to when I was speed dating on 911 of 2018?

And I’m not exactly sure what the fuck happened to be honest.

I came here because I have lots of questions and I hope to get answers.

I guess I went by the name “TheSaga” because my story is still ongoing. Meh

It has to do with past lives, soul mates, angels and demons, black & white magick, astrology, Tarot and different forms of divination, telepathy, trance work, speaking in tongues, energy work, psychic self defense, kundalini, tantra and maybe even milk men.

I’m interested in knowing more about these topics as well as astral travel and soul travel.

I have had years with reading new agey stuff, had many experiences for years with some things, had many past lives where I was really big and into stuff as well, I tend to avoid doing all the demonic stuff, well in this life time anyways but not others.


Can I start posting now?


Welcome to the forum. As I understand it, as long as your first post is an introduction, any following post can be anywhere you like.


Don’t feel that you have to write an essay and copy a life times worth of magical journals.

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Welcome to the forum, may your Saga be sung by the bards for centuries to come!


I started writing this thing that looked really long, I started realizing it sounded pretty crazy even for this place in parts. + my mind was eager to start asking questions.

I wonder if there is a short way of explaining my story.
Well it appears that I have met my soul mate. lol
Not quite how it sounds. lol
Not just that we have more than one, though I think this guy maybe a main one if not thee main one.
But we started out as enemies, became lovers, and from there our wuv grew, but than we started playing the soul mate dance of karmic correspondence. During the correspondent life, he faced what I faced in his way, and I had to face what he faced in my way. It took a tole on us, and in the next life it showed. I got into dark magick to cope, if I am not mistaken. The next life was all out magick and insanity and I think that was where things may have started to go wrong.

In this life it seems I maybe in a black magick showdown with my soul mate, and I am trying to find a way out as well as answers cause maybe this is something else? Maybe I’m just crazy. But I am not the only one who has felt the dark entities.

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I’m sorry to hear that.