The Sacred Art of Marriage

My fascination of marriage is it’s already one big kind of ritual, isn’t it? You’re making a pact to someone with sacred vows, they might not be a god or a demon, or maybe they are. You’re making an offering to someone else with exchange of rings. A deity is usually involved in the process asked to watch over and bless the union. Plus it’s deeply rooted in tradition with all kinds of symbolism: the white dress, flowers, something blue, something old, something new… Then it all culminates with bestowing a future on someone else with a throw of a bouquet. Whomever catches it supposedly is destined to marry next, right?

My first awareness of how ritualistic weddings are came from watching a documentary a few years back about occultism in wedding ceremonies of high ranking nazis. Probably the worst possible example as the use of occultism in weddings is actually beautiful & it’s unfortunate it was used by some of the worst humanity has had to offer. However, I never really thought about marriage much until that point. My friends are mainly single or were hitched before we met so I’ve attended barely any weddings. A few months ago though, I was sure I was to be wed soon. My research of my own Luciferian wedding began. It wasn’t meant to be in this life, but the information was very fascinating. Now I present them…

The symbolism behind weddings:

  • Bridesmaids stem from Ancient Rome. It was believed that adding these women to the ceremony would shield the bride from any evil spirits sent to ruin her big day or union.
  • Veils were also added to ceremonies to ward off any evil spirits sent to ruin a wedding. It’s hard to narrow where this one derived from as it was largely practiced by many ancient civilizations.
  • Let them eat cake! Cake was originally not intended to be eaten at a wedding ceremony. Polish brides wore cakes on their armbands or even sewn into their clothing to symbolize life and sustenance.
  • In ancient Scotland, bridesmaids would keep a piece of cake under their wedding to dream of their future husband.
  • White isn’t for purity or virginity! Usage of white in ceremonies actually is from the ancient Greek belief of white being the color of joy. They even went as far as to paint their bodies white to ensure a union of eternal bliss the night before the ceremony.
  • Tying the knot stems from Ancient Grecian brides. Around their waists they’d wear a rope tied in a Hercules knot, to honor the god Hercules, that was meant for ONLY for husband to untie.
  • From England we find the roots of “something old.” It was believed in ye old England that wearing something from a happily married, older women would allow you to inherit the luck of her blessed union.
  • In Ancient Egypt, circles were symbolic of eternity. That spawned the usage of exchanging rings. Nothing says “‘til death do us part” like eternity! Rings also represent the serpent.
  • Depending on the metal of your ring, the symbolism stems further. Gold the most popular, is for prosperity, protection and growth in the union.
  • Silver rings, though the less chosen option, actually hold more power. It represents love, protection, luck, wealth, clarity and persistence for the newlyweds.
  • Diamonds in marriage can be used for many healing properties & is said to sanctify harmony, abundance, prosperity, and strength to a couple.
  • Today we realize the harmfulness of this one for birds. Throwing rice stems from Ancient China. They believed doing this ensured fertility and prosperity upon the newlyweds.
  • Why are evil spirits always trying to ruin your wedding? Throwing salt is also a way to keep them at ward and ensure a happy union.
  • June is the #1 month for marriage & it’s no coincidence. “Prosperity to the man and happiness to the maid when married in June,” is an ancient Roman proverb.
  • In Ancient Greece, June translates to Juno. Juno was the wife of the god Jupiter and the guardian of marriage. When working with Juno she will watch over you with joy.
  • Gods/goddesses for help with love & finding marriage or fixing a current one: Anteros, Aphrodite, Cupid, Eros, Frigg, Hathor, Hera, Hymen, Juno, Parvati, Qetesh, Venus

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Planning your wedding:

  • Your natal chart correlates to your wedding day, finding your spouse, and every step along the way. I’m not going to pretend this is my strong suit, but I have browsed through this book which is extremely detailed for those who are advanced & will help you link everything together: Astrologicl Secrets Of Friendship, Love And Marriage - Gopeśa Kumāra Ojhā, Ashutosh Ojha - Google Books
  • Venus is the planet associated with marriage. Venus energy grants a happy marriage. For a male, having a strong Venus in his natal chart suggests his luck in finding a perfect partner.
  • Jupiter is another planet of marriage. For females, a strong Jupiter indicates success in finding your ideal mate.
  • Mars affects relationships and can predict how the union will be.
  • Moon phases are of great significance. It is recommended to marry on the date of a waxing moon. Each moon phase will have its own s attachment on your wedded bliss. However, take it with a grain of salt. For example if you married or are planning to marry when the moon is in Scorpio which is not advisable, your union isn’t necessarily set up for failure. If you truly love each other and have a healthy relationship with communication and shared passions you can make it work.

Moon in Taurus :taurus:: Best for a permanent marriage

Moon in Libra :libra:: A harmonious time to get married, ideal for all

Moon in Pisces :pisces:: Makes for an emphatic union but not for stability

Moon in Aquarius :aquarius:: Creates a long lasting friendship between the pair

Moon in Leo :leo:: Favorable for a very steamy, romantic union & full of optimism

Moon phases advised not to marry under:

Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo

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(Pictures are from the wedding of Dita Von Teese to Marilyn Manson and from Kat Von D’s wedding to Rafael Reyes. I’m not sure of the origins of their ceremonies but found the alternative approach to wedding beautiful.)


Finally I present you with a beautiful version of Luciferian wedding rites I found as well as the info on moon phases:


The announcement of faith

ba nãm i âharman

(in the name of Ahriman)

We gather here to celebrate the union of two.

Life is a path of exploration; of conquering what you fear, helping those close to you and always doing what you instinctively feel is right.

Life is about change, in the spiritual sense of a Luciferian it aims for the heights, while always exploring the darkness within.

Life is about compromise and trust placed on those who earned it.

Life is about exhalting the powers within and making the world a better place.

When two are joined together there is a union of opposites. The Luciferian spirit itself is radiant in the union of Samael and Lilith, our symbol of Infernal Union is a reminder that the Spirit of Lucifer is brightest in the union of opposites.


Leviathan, rise up from the abyss and encircle the two lovers in union. For in union there is strength, where there is strength power is possible.

How many hath joined the flesh together to beget Gods and Goddesses upon this earth?

To the one who fell from the highest reaches of the empyrean realms, whose essence was brighter than the sun.

To the Archon who brought the fire from heaven to the clay of humanity, herein is the spark of life!

I call unto the two Grigori to bless this union:

Anma-el and Asbeel gather here and bless this rite.

The union of marriage is a sacred act of dedication to the partners chosen. Let none defile the sacred marriage of two dedicated to the illumination of each other.

By the blades of Azazel may the swords of blackened flame clash together and guard thee always.

May Hecate hearken to the circle of the wise and illuminate both the Bride and Groom.


In the name of Lucifer, the illuminated,

Whose name is Samael

Will you take this man as your mate, who will honor you and uplift you as Babalon, whose is sacred and powerful in the light of the Fallen and Risen one,

Will you have and hold this man in sickness and health, to always seek to avoid the path of ignorance?

[the bride will affirm and She places the ring on his finger and recites her own oath]

In the name of Lilith, the mother of spirits

Whose is both terrible and nurturing

Will you take this Daughter of mine, to have and to honor as an equal, to raise her up as Babalon, to hold and illuminate as the fallen and risen one, will you have him to hold in sickness and health, to always avoid the path of ignorance?

[the groom will affirm and He places the ring on her finger and recites his own oath]

Heralds of the path of darkness illuminated by fire, by the path of the fallen and risen

I now pronounce you wife and husband (or wife and wife, depending on choice)

You may Samael and Lilith bless this union in Leviathans coils.

You may embrace. May the blessings of the fallen angels be upon you.

May Maiden, Mother and Crone embrace you,

So it is done!


It says nothing about marri g with some one with Sagittarius in their moon


I thought like you there is nothing written for the sagittarius?

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Sorry I neglected that one! There was a lot of information out there so I planned on updating it in the future as I came across more.

This is another link I was looking at. They describe Sagittarius as this:

“A Sagittarius moon marriage will be one where you both love to discuss philosophy; religion, education, and you will have books all over the place. This is a very intellectual union. You will travel to many places together and come home with many treasures from your travels”


Wow. I love this! :heart_eyes:


Thank you! :black_heart: I’m definitely keeping it as a bit of a dream board for myself if the time ever comes lol.


I might actually refer to this when I get married again :two_hearts:


That makes me happy!! :blush: I’ll definitely do updates in the future. I having more digging to do on dresses…

Definitely a very amazing event , besides if your rich and putting half your money on the line with the event of a divorce :joy:


Another totally awesome thread @rusalka so informative and exact. Cool!


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Thank you! I’ve learned so much from everyone’s posts on here, & I’m thankful to be part of it & to share what I can to give back :black_heart:

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