The Runetastic 120 days! (a call to glory!)


So I just sat down and watched EA’s Mastering Divination course again. I skipped the runes at first because I was not interested in them at the time.

Well a year and a half later I became interested. In the section with runes EA mentioned that a great idea for a pathworking was to spend about 5 days with each rune. Meditate on it, sing its name, do some runic yoga or energy work with it. But the point was to keep the rune on you for five days (minus bathing, sleeping, and sex) to deepen your connection with each rune.

I plan on doing this once my new rune set comes in. I bought a second one that is made of a more durable material because knowing me I will end up leaving one in my pocket and it will go through the wash.

I want to extend an invitation to join me to any who are interested. Once I get some people onboard we will set a time to start and then dig deep into the runes. I was thinking we could do one rune Mon-Fri and the take the weekend off to relax and prepare for the next rune. During the Mon-Fri I want you to make it your own and keep a log of what happens to you, what feeling and insights you have…etc.

I want to do this so we can compare notes and “Get on the DO train” as Andreih Vitimus would say.

If you are interested, do some meditation, divination, and ask your spirit guides as the runes are powerful and need to be approached with respect. But once all looks good, comment here it PM me and in about a week I will set a start date and see what works for everyone.

So…who is down?

I need to do this and will learn so much. so count me in!!

(Tarot divination was Lust XI, Fortune X, and Hermit IX … cards 9, 10 and 11 in Major)

Hell yeah iWitch!

After doing some math I realized that this is a six month commitment. I know that it is a huge commitment but I think good things are in store for those who even attempt this.

One of my first occult experiences was with the runes about 3 years ago even before I had any adult (childhood was different) interest in the occult. Someone gave me a magazine called ‘Spirit and destiny’ and it had a page with all the runes on. As I was looking at them all the runes started flashing on and off. I was like WTF. I realise now the runes have been calling me … plus that rune twig I found today, I will take that as a sign to get involved… so I cant wait for this.

I’ve been at this for four months already my friend, today marks the second day of Tiwaz for me. I was going to post a summary of the entire thing once it was done, but if it’s ok by all I will post my recent experiences with the runes as you guys get to each one.

But if it’s the synchronal factors of different people doing the same rune at the same time you’re looking for in particular, I understand and will make a separate thread when the time comes. Either way, I look forward to this very much.

And yes, this is a -huge- commitment to stick with for the entirety. Much respect to everyone who does this.

My knowledge of the Runes is absolute zero, but I think thats a good thing for this exercise. And I’m not even going to read up about them. I will just go with the flow and see what feelings and impressions I get. I need to get a rune set tho, can you recommend one?

I don’t even know who made mine, it is a nondescript set of little hematite stones with incisions filled in with gold paint for the runes. These symbols are so basic (and so powerful!) you should get all the results you need from just the time spend working with them. I really do recommend at least knowing the name of the rune and what that more or less translates as. Then by all means, let your associations flow freely when the work begins.

As I mentioned elsewhere I’d be willing to do this with you, although I have a set of runes on the way, don’t delay your work. If you have not started by the time I get my futhark set I’ll join you all.

Lovers swiftness death reversed(reverse image of a baby=rebirth) count me in… I may have shoddy connection do to a upcoming move and a wifi adapter that keeps going out but I’m in.

I’ll jump aboard.

So if everyone is cool with this I was thinking that we would use the traditional Futhark configuration of the runes. Unless you all want to do the Uthark instead in which case we would start with Uruz and not Fehu.

I can’t post links on my phone but if you are unfamiliar you can Google the Uthark configuration and see why some prefer that.

I’ll be using uthark… but don’t mind me. If anything I can just do mine parallel with yours since I won’t be able to post post frequently anyways.

When did you want to start this up?

I was thinking that we could start on March 9th. This gives everyone a week to get ready.

Then we are off, I am going to start a blog about my experiences, and I will post the link here.

Look forward to reading about this! I have too much going on to join in, but really hoping to read posts on here from you guys!

It’ll be an interesting read, certainly. I would jump aboard, but I’ve so much to do in such little time.


March 9th it is then. I’ll be ready.

Hi rune group.

I hope all is going well. I cleaned my runes yesterday (let them sit in salt for 24 hours to get rid of any negative energy.) I just got finished dedicating them to the pathworking by, among other things, staining them with my blood. I have to say that is the last time I cut myself for blood magic. I am a lancet guy now.

How is everyone’s prep work going?