The ritual

I’m Claudia
I wanted to ask fiev questions person who is more in the subject.
I was having the ritual to Sitri, Amon, Rosier and Lucifer, to get my husband back.
I wasn’t doing it alone, I had a help from my mentor.
We were doing it together.
Is it some kind of test, that in my love right now showed up guy who just to be my best friend?
He was in love with me for 8 years, but I never wanted thing from him
We meet after two years, and I told he became normal, but that was mistake.
He came to me, and started to start to me. Trying to get his hands in places I didn’t want, and in the end when it was to much on result I was trying to escape we just feel with the bed, so I could finally escape.
Do you think that was kind of trap? Some kind of test?
Please help me, I don’t know what was that situation.

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Did it! Nice to know you! :upside_down_face: