The ritual with Anubis

Elements of a modern cult:

  • Its direction is considered to be the West, where, according to Egyptian mythology, there is an entrance to the kingdom of the dead;
  • He is revered as a guide of souls in the world of the dead;
  • He is also revered as the guardian of dreams and the guide of souls in dreams: he protects them so that no one harms them.
  • Revered as a guide god, he is also revered as a god of transformation, change, transition; as a god of “boundaries” of one kind or another;
    *Incense: a mixture of frankincense and myrrh.

Contact Anubis:
*when you want to leave some phase of your life and move on to something new;
*Ask Anubis to help you identify what you need to part with and ask him to show you a new path.;

  • Since he is closely connected with death and rebirth at all levels, ask him for protection and guidance when you make the transition from one life phase to another.

Details of the ritual for the New Moon esbat:
*Place an image of Anubis on the altar,
*Light the incense,
*light the black and white candles: the black represents the waning moon, and the white represents the young one;
*Ask Anubis to help you get through the New Moon milestone in the new month.

Prayer to Anubis

I am addressing you, Son of the Dark Mother,

Born of an illusion,

Conceived in disbelief,

Rejected by birth and Accepted by the Heart!

Lifted up to the light!

Who became the Guardian of the Souls passing by

through the boundary of transformation.

You, the Personification of the darkness of the night –

The symbol of the first glimmer of light!

The great guide of souls!

Lead me through the darkness of the new moon to the light of the nascent moon.